Industrial Nanotech Inc., Naples, Fla., has entered the heat process equipment OEM market with a project to provide its coatings to an industrial boiler manufacturer for application on its new equipment.

Nansulate is the company's line of protective coatings that provide thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, lead encapsulation and resistance to mold, fire and chemicals. Revenues from the boiler OEM deal are estimated at $5 million annually, according to Nanotech.

“We have been successful for many years at reducing the energy consumption of heat process equipment for customers who insulated their existing in-service boilers with our coatings, resulting in Nansulate generally paying for itself in 12 to 18 months,” says Francesca Crolley, Nanotech's vice president of business development. “With these proven savings, plus the protective benefits that our coatings offer … it was a natural progression for manufacturers of this type of equipment to begin to install it at the factory to make their products more energy efficient."

This is the company's first step into the OEM market for energy efficiency of heat process equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, steam traps, valves, distribution and return lines, and pressure-reduction stations, according to Crolley.

"One of our textile clients reduced its liquid natural gas consumption in 2007 and 2008 by 2,211,599 standard cubic meters, which was a cost savings directly attributed to Nansulate insulation coatings of $852,437," she says. "Their investment in the purchase of Nansulate was $200,000 and installation cost was $100,000, therefore their payback period was only seven months," representing a 20 percent energy use reduction.