Allgaier Process Technology GmbH, Uhingen, Germany, has received its fourth dryer order this year for a bentonite dryer system to be used at an Italian plant in the manufacturing of clay bricks.
Bentonite is essentially an impure clay made of absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate. Specifications for the new dryer, which will be used to remove moisture from the clay, are:
  • 10.49' dia.
  • 75.45' long.
  • 40.78 t/hr wet bentonite.
  • 36 percent initial moisture.
  • 14 percent discharge moisture.
  • 10.47 t/hr water evaporation.
  • Natural gas heat.
Allgaier bentonite dryers already are operational in Russia, France and Poland. For more information, contact Almo Process Technology Inc., Liberty Township, Ohio, at