Anyone working with combustion equipment now can receive via Twitter information on important safety and risk events occurring throughout the world. CEC Combustion Safety, Cleveland, offers the service to keep those people involved with boilers, ovens, furnaces, thermal oxidizers and fuel delivery systems, including natural gas pipelines, fully informed when incidents happen, even those occurring outside the United States. If you want to know when there is a plant explosion, boiler blowup or factory fire, sign up for CEC's service.

Knowing details about an event can help you avoid the same fate. According to CEC, besides end-users of combustion equipment, the following groups could benefit from the service: insurance industry risk managers, EH&S managers, corporate executives and plant personnel.

CEC also will tweet important equipment-related issues such as safety recalls and warnings about potential problems related to gas valves, pressure switches, flame safety devices and other critical safety components.

To subscribe, go to and enter “CombustSafety” in the "Find People" search area. If you don’t already have a twitter account, you can open one at no charge. CEC notes that it will tweet as it becomes aware of publicly released and important events.

After getting a Twitter account, type "CombustSafety" to view its tweets and sign up to follow the company. You can also view them by visiting using a web browser or mobile device.