With the advent of the Internet and a high-speed connection to it, the way we learn may have changed, but the fact that we all need training has not. Webinars, or online seminars, offer a way to learn without ever leaving your office. Are you aware of the resources available to you at the click of the mouse? Direct your browser to webinars.process-heating.com and take a look.

Currently, we have archived events on a few topics - and one you can get in on live.
  • Held in late April, “Choosing & Maintaining Heat Transfer Fluids” is presented by Jay Hudson of J.G. Hudson and Associates. In a live followup to his series of articles that appeared in the pages of Process Heating a few years ago, Jay shares his thermal fluid know-how. As he notes, selecting a thermal fluid is perhaps the single most important decision that a user can make when designing or specifying a heat transfer fluid system. Use the link on webinars.process-heating.com or go directly to the event registration page at http://bit.ly/IMbJsq.

  • Water is used as the heat transfer fluid in many cooling operations, and in “Re-Using Water Again and Again,” Paul Puckorius describes the different types of “used” waters and how you can use them to replace more costly city water. Whether you are using water for cooling towers or boilers, Paul explains how to get started with your own program to re-use used waters with a step-by-step approach to lower your operating costs. This webinar was hosted by our supplement, Process Cooling, and can be found at webinars.process-cooling.com or http://bit.ly/K8JRgT.
In addition to the archived events, you still have time to sign up for the live version of “Troubleshooting Combustion Systems,” presented by Dick Bennett, president of Janus Technology. Long-time readers of Process Heating are mighty familiar with Dick, who wrote his monthly “Energy Notes” column for the magazine for more than 10 years. In this online seminar, Dick offers some proven techniques for getting to the heart problems in combustion systems. This event will be held May 17 at 2 p.m. EDT, so visit webinars.process-heating.com or http://bit.ly/ISN6cR to sign up.

Linda Becker
Associate Publisher and Editor