Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance, and the e-Learning course "Chemical Hazards and Terminology" seeks to make the pharmaceutical workplace safer through education.

CompuPharma Ltd., Morristown, N.J., an online training company, has a safety module for new and existing employees in the pharmaceutical industry to explain terminology describing the hazardous properties of chemicals.

The self-paced interactive e-Learning module has audio voiceover and a 16-question multiple-choice assessment taken after completion. For the certified option, a hard copy certificate is mailed to the participant once the trainee has achieved an assessment score of 100 percent.

The coursework:
  • Describes how the toxicity of a substance is measured.
  • Explains the term "hazardous substance."
  • Lists and describes the characteristics of toxic, corrosive, harmful, irritant and flammable chemicals.
  • Covers the different ignition sources found in a pharmaceutical plant.
  • Names and explains all temperature safety terms.
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