Possibly reaching record speeds, a new coating machine has started up with drive controls from Metso Corp., Helsinki.

The benefit of using a single control system was shown in Järvenpää, Finland, when the restart of Metso’s Järvenpää pilot coater reached a world record speed of 3,160 meters/min (3,455 yd/min), according to Metso. The restart occurred after an automation upgrade. The new 35 group drive is controlled directly by a Metso DNA automation system in which the drive controls are integrated with the machine control system. Tension controls are implemented with a new multivariable control, developed by Metso, to achieve more accurate tension management in dynamically changing coater conditions.

Metso DNA offers pulp and paper makers a single system for all controls, from fiber line to baling information, and from headbox to winder, enabling faster startups. It provides pulp and paper makers with measurements, analyzers and a selection of advanced process controls.