PLC Holding of France acquired Wisconsin Oven Corp., East Troy, Wis., a manufacturer of ovens for the automotive, composite, finishing and aerospace industries. Details regarding the acquisition have not been disclosed.

PLC Holding provides products and services for industries such as automotive, electronics, chemical, technical ceramics, porcelain, automation, refractory materials, aerospace and powder metallurgy. PLC Holding provides customers in these markets with engineering and manufacturing for material-handling systems, automation systems, heat treating industrial ovens and furnaces.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to combine our talents and experience with those of the PLC Holding group. Collectively the group will have the resources and capability to serve all of our customers’ heat processing needs regardless of temperature requirements. It will also strengthen our global opportunities, expand our market reach and combine our current customer base for future growth,” says David Strand, president and CEO of Wisconsin Oven.

PLC Holding comprises Elmetherm, Elino, Wistra, Wisconsin Oven Corp. and Mecarom Dotcom Ltd. PLC Holding has offices located in the United States, Germany, France, Romania, India and China.