Two burner management systems from Siemens Industry Inc., Atlanta, give end-users flexibility to cost-effectively comply with revised burner standards.Designed with TUV certified hardware and customizable software, the compact BMS300F and BMS 151F systems comply with NFPA, IEC and ANSI/ISA standards for single- or dual-fuel applications with single or multiple burners. The models also are capable of meeting up to SIL 3 with appropriate field devices.

“The new BMS models are designed for a broad range of burner applications with consistent design and engineering,” says John D’Silva, Siemens safety marketing manager. “They are ideal for a wide range of fuel burning equipment applications, including boilers, ovens, dryers and furnaces. There is no need for extra hardware or logic to improve safety, and all operational and diagnostic information is displayed on the HMI.”

Siemens designed both models in accordance with the technical requirements listed in both NFPA 85 and 86 standards for programmable logic solvers (section 4.11 of NFPA 85 and section 8.3 of NFPA 86). All critical BMS functions are managed via IEC 61508-compliant components up to SIL 3 to ensure that safety metrics are met. These systems are also compliant with ISA S84.00.01-2004 and IEC 61511. For more information, visit