A revamped website at www.paratherm.com reorganizes the information about products, services, people and departments of the heat transfer fluid maker headquartered in West Conshohocken, Pa.

When end-users need access to technical information about heat transfer fluids from Paratherm Corp., whether for a new application or for replacing spent fluid, they can access the information without satisfying registration requirements or request forms, says the company.

The Paratherm site presents details about the company’s eight fluids as well as information on safety and maintenance heat transfer fluids and the heaters, systems and applications involved in their use. Engineering bulletins, safety data sheets, properties vs. temperature, relief-valve sizing guidance and other details are available for each heat transfer fluid product.

In addition, the Paratherm website hosts two databases of advisory information for users of heat transfer fluids and related processing equipment. The “User’s Guide for Heat Transfer Fluids and Systems” contains more than 20 articles about fluid applications. Topics include contamination, fire prevention, water removal, fluid maintenance, fluid analysis, system components, and cleaning systems.

Paratherm’s Tipsheets is an email series for hot oil system operators in which short monthly emails address topics such as fluid properties, leakage, maximizing fluid life, insulation, and system shutdown and startup.

For a four-minute video overview of the new site and its navigation go to www.youtube.com and type “Paratherm” in the search box. For Paratherm’s Spanish-language site, go to www.fluido-termico.com.