Indeck has completed several projects in Europe and North America.

Indeck, headquartered in Wheeling, Ill., has completed several projects in both Europe and North America. The applications include the following:
  • European ethanol plant. The thermal oxidizer steam boiler system included boiler, burner, air preheater, economizers and boiler controls, plus engineering, project management, startup and commissioning services.

  • Houston-area chemical refinery. The project included four superheated rental boilers.

  • NBritish Columbia paper mill. The plant got a new 200,000 pph superheated package boiler.

  • U.S. and Canadian food processing plants. Various facilities renewed a total of 25 rentals of 75,000 pph trailer-mounted watertube boilers for supplemental steam.

  • New York City college. The project included three 50 million BTU/hr high temperature hot water generators with auxiliary equipment and controls for energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • U.S. Air Force base in Alaska. The application involved two new stoker-fired boilers burning bituminous coal to replace two existing boilers. Each new unit will produce 120,000 pph of steam at 450 psig at 650°F (343°C) and come with a pollution control system to meet EPA air quality requirements.
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