Heat Exchanger Maker Improves PackagingNew packaging for equipment manufactured by Wichita Falls, Texas-based Tranter is intended to improve the customer experience and reduce transport damage. Examples of the enhancements include the addition of nylon material covering the bolt threads of Superchanger heat exchangers to prevent the threads from wear or damage. In addition, all moveable parts are braced to the pallet to reduce stress on the guide bar, thus further reducing damage, according to the company.

In addition, certain heat exchanger models — Superchanger, Maxchanger and Supermax — are shrink-wrapped to protect the units from adverse weather conditions as well as ensuring that the straps and other devices used to keep units in place are not disturbed. The Platecoil exchanger also received a packaging upgrade with custom crates and pallets made to size to prevent any overhang and brace all parts against movement during transit.