Heat Exchanger Used in Fishmeal ProcessingFor use within its fish processing systems, Dupps Co., Germantown, Ohio, purchased two custom designed and manufactured heat exchangers from Munters, Amesbury, Mass.

Dupps specializes in processing fish by-products into protein-rich fishmeal, organic fish solubles, and fats such as omega-3 fish oil. The byproducts are used in various ways. Fishmeal is a popular ingredient in animal feed, and fertilizer made of fish-soluble products helps produce stronger plants and increased crop yields.

Munters supplied Dupps its Thermo-T high temperature heat exchangers to ensure fish processing efficiency. The equipment — three-pass tubular heat exchangers with removable cores to facilitate cleaning — is used as an indirect gas fired heater during the heating process of the fishmeal. The heating process releases the oil from the fat deposits of the fish and conditions the material for the subsequent treatment in the various processing sections of the plant. 

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