Evaporation Plant, Recovery Boiler Started Up in BrazilAn evaporation plant and recovery boiler for Eldorado Celulose e Papel S.A. were started up in December at the company's Três Lagoas mill in Brazil. The mill is reportedly the largest single-line pulp mill in the world, and it uses equipment from Helsinki-based Metso in its recovery line. Likewise, the evaporation plant, with a capacity of ~1,764 tons/hr (1,600 tonnes/hr) evaporated water, is reportedly the largest single-line evaporation plant in the world. It is used to concentrate black liquor up to 80 percent dry solids content for efficient, low-emission combustion in the recovery boiler.

According to Metso, the recovery boiler also is among the largest in the world in operation and has a black liquor-burning capacity of ~7,496 tons of dry solids/day (6,800 tonnes of dry solids/day). Also, it delivers steam generation of ~1,222 tons of steam/hr (1,109 tonnes of steam/hr). The steam will be used in the pulp manufacturing process and in power generation to supply the entire mill. In addition, it will produce a significant amount of power surplus. According to Metso, the recovery boiler also has high chemical recovery efficiency.