Ceco Environmental Technologies, Cincinnati, a maker of air pollution control systems, acquired Adwest Technologies, a provider of regenerative thermal oxidizers. The Adwest management team of Craig Bayer, Brian Cannon, Pete Krenitsky and Richard Whitford will continue in their current positions with the new company.

St. Louis-based Watlow, a manufacturer of complete thermal systems, added a Fast Track program that allows made-to-order Firerod cartridge heaters to be shipped in either two or five days. Customers choose the diameter, length, voltage, wattage and termination style from a set of options, and then choose when they want it (two- or five-day lead time). Part numbers for specific configurations can be issued in real time. Lead times for Firerods ordered through the program do not fluctuate with Watlow’s demand.

Tranter, Wichita Falls, Texas, launched a quick-ship program for its plate-and-frame heat exchangers. Customers can order from a select line of plate heat exchangers and have their new unit ship from the factory within three days. The program is designed to fulfill small, urgent orders with expanded shipping hours and quick delivery to all of the United States.

Spirax Sarco, Blythewood, S.C., added product demonstrations and tutorials about its steam system products to its YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/SpiraxSarcoUSA. The demonstrations include eight videos about steam traps, moisture separators, direct-injection, steam humidification, flow metering, pumps and pressure-reducing valves. Created to illustrate how these products operate, most videos range from one to three minutes long, depending upon the topic. Additional videos will be added throughout the year.

“World of Pumps Quiz,” part of a larger effort to celebrate pumps as the heart of industry, challenges players with interesting questions about industrial pumps while generating donations from ITT Goulds Pumps to teach CPR around the world. To enter the quiz, participants visit www.worldofpumpsquiz.com.

Basic and expert challenge questions will be posted biweekly until March 31, amounting to 20 questions in this round of the quiz.

The annual quiz from the Seneca Falls, N.Y., culminates on April 9 with Pump Appreciation Day. ITT Goulds Pumps has structured the program to benefit the global Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, sponsored by the American Heart Association and its global partners. Funds donated by ITT Goulds Pumps will support training sessions for hands-only CPR.

Process Combustion Corp., Pittsburgh, has inked an agreement to market and supply Cincinnati-based PRD Tech Inc.’s dual-phase bio-trickling filter systems for odor and VOC control. Biofiltration is a pollution abatement process that uses microorganisms to convert odor causing compounds and VOCs into harmless byproducts. The PCC/PRD system reportedly can replace systems using fuel-fired or chemical-based technologies.