You know you need to get control of your industrial process. But, what kind of control does your process need?

Process Heating helps you select a temperature controller – and controller supplier – for industrial heat processing applications with our annual Equipment Overview on Temperature Controllers. To view a matrix of nearly 40 temperature controller manufacturers, visit our Equipment Overview on Temperature Controllers and use our interactive matrix to narrow by aspects such as control inputs, control outputs, control modes, and additional features. Hyperlinks take you directly to selected manufacturers websites.

Use our RFP Builder to collect information from multiple suppliers. To do so, go to any Equipment Overview page and click the plus sign next to those suppliers you wish to add to your list, or the Add an Info Request button on any manufacturer’s listing. Continue adding companies until you’re ready to submit your list. Once you’ve selected those you are interested in, click on the Submit an Info Request button to create a pre-populated form. Fill in your contact information and send it. All responses from suppliers will be sent directly to you or the contact(s) designated by you.

If you need more information and want to contact a temperature controller manufacturer directly, view the Equipment Overview on Temperature Controllers and click on a company name for complete information.


Manufacturers listed in this Equipment Overview responded to a special mailing by Process Heatingand do not necessarily represent the entire temperature controller market. To be included in future listings, contact Linda Becker at