Over time, thermal insulation often is damaged or removed from components ― gate valves, steam traps and wye strainers, for instance ― due to component maintenance or repair. These components usually are never reinsulated.

Thermal insulation jackets help keep heat from radiating away from your process equipment. Whether you are looking to insulate a heating system’s steam valves, pressure-reducing valve stations or tanks, removable insulations can help lower your energy bill. Jackets can be used on equipment such as:

•           Angle stop valves.

•           Ball joints.

•           Ball valves.

•           Butterfly valves.

•           Check valves.

•           Gate valves.

•           Globe valves.

•           Heat exchangers.

•           Pipe expansion joints.

•           Pipe reducers.

•           Plug valves.

•           Pressure-reducing valves.

•           Steam pipes.

•           Steam traps.

•           Turbines.

•           Unions and flanges.

 •           Wye strainers. 

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