Warranty Added for Semi-Welded Heat ExchangersA three-year warranty provides assurance for users of Alfa Laval’s AlfaNova fusion-bonded brazed heat exchangers and semi-welded plate heat exchangers, designed for the industrial refrigeration market.

The semi-welded and fusion-bonded heat exchangers are designed for extreme temperature and pressure fatigue conditions. The exchangers provide high pressure, high temperature performance ― up to 1,020°F (550°C) and 580 psi (40 bar). The company's range is designed for all types of refrigerants and liquids.

According to the company, the flexible, modular design aids with fatigue stresses and ice formations in refrigeration applications. The semi-welded range handles most refrigeration on the welded side and is suitable for ammonia duties. Standard plate materials are stainless steel and titanium, and operating temperature is -53 to 302°F (-47 to 150°C).