Wyssmont rotating circular trays

Rotating Circular Trays Wipe Material from Tray to Tray While Drying

Capable of operation at temperatures up to 1,202°F (650°C), Turbo-Dryer can be used to calcine or sinter fine metal oxide powders. The continuous tray dryer includes an internal electrical heating system that helps remove residual moisture. The dryer can use any heating medium: steam, gas, electricity, oil, high temperature oil or waste gas from other operations. Dry air or nitrogen is used to purge water vapor from the system, keeping fines carryover to a minimum. The proprietary design of the thermal processor consists of a stack of rotating circular trays in a sealed enclosure. Material is fed onto the top tray, and after each revolution it is wiped onto the next lower tray. Internal Turbo-Fans circulate heated gas in the enclosure to provide the drying medium.

Wyssmont Co. Inc.

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CanEng cabinet

Choice of Airflow Patterns Offered in Cabinet Ovens

Used for smaller batch processing of products, cabinet ovens offer precision engineering, heavy-duty construction and a variety of airflow patterns. Standard sizes range from 3.3 to 96 ft3 and standard temperatures up to 650°F (343°C). Features include totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors for harsh environments and long life; SSR or SCR power controllers; pressure differential switches (in the event of the loss of air, the heating system will shut down); high volume recirculation blowers or fans; bib density mineral wool board insulation; and aluminized interior.

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Walk-In, Truck-In Ovens for Finishing, Coatings, Coil Winding, Rubber and Plastics Applications

Capable of being loaded either by fork truck or manually, walk-in and truck-in ovens are offered in standard and double-ended models with gas or electric options. Process ovens are designed for curing, preheating, aging, drying, heat-treating and other applications. Features include angle-iron frame in all models; 3” insulated sides, top and rear; 14 to 16 gauge cold-rolled steel exterior; 16 gauge aluminized steel interior; 16 gauge aluminized steel airflow ducts; explosion-relief door latches or hatches; lifting eyes and mounting brackets are standard; and a gray enamel exterior finish on zinc rich primer.

Steelman Industries Inc.

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Finishing Brands booster ovens

Electric Infrared Booster Ovens Augment Existing Finishing Lines

High intensity electric infrared booster ovens offer an efficient method to increase production on a paint line. They also can also be used for transition from liquid to powder coatings on an existing production line. The modular infrared booster oven designs can be installed outside or inside a convection oven without modifying the existing line. Infrared booster benefits include increased line speeds; instant on/off emitter control; multiple zones of control; modular design; rapid heating and reduced floor space.

Finishing Brands • BGK Finishing Systems

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Buhler Aeroglide conveyor dryers

Conveyor Dryers Deliver Moisture Uniformity

AeroDry dryers, ovens, roasters, toasters and coolers offer high performance in moisture uniformity, product quality and operational efficiency. The dryers are manufactured in a number of configurations, including single-pass, multi-pass, multi-stage and impingement. The product line is well suited for food products such as breakfast cereals, snacks, fruits, nuts and potato products; feed products such as petfood and aquafeed; and industrial products such as charcoal, polymers and synthetic rubber.

Bühler Aeroglide

(919) 851-2000


Jet-Tube Fluidized Bed Technology Creates a Bed of Air

Line of drying systems includes Jetzone fluidized bed dryer/puffer/toaster, fluidized bed cooler, impingement cooler, forced convection cooler and belt coolers. High velocity air passing through long tubes creates a bed of air, which suspends and tumbles the product as the air reflects from a solid, non-perforated conveyor. The open space between the tubes forms a chamber to settle out smaller pieces and return process air for recirculation without affecting the fluidizing air jets. During fluidization, each particle is surrounded and separated from adjacent particles by the treatment air.

CPM Wolverine Proctor

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Heat cleaning ovens Guspro Inc.

Heat Cleaning Ovens for Motor Rewind, Plastics, Powder Coating Applications

Heat cleaning ovens can be used to burn off organic materials in electric motor rewind, powder coating and finishing, automotive rebuilding and plastic and polymer applications. Features of the GO Series include a heavy-duty oxidizer that eliminates hydrocarbon emissions; a proprietary design that ensures uniform heat; and a process that does not require chemicals or waste disposal nor creates mess or pollution. Many models are available for processing 400 to 10,000 lb loads.

Guspro Inc.

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Add or Remove Heat from a Process Mass with a Paddle Processor

Paddle dryer/processor functions as an efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heat transfer device that adds or removes heat from a process mass. The dryers are used for drying, heating, cooling, pasteurization, crystallizing and reacting of pastes, cakes, powders and granules. Dual counter-rotating shafts with intermeshing wedge-shaped paddles produce intimate mixing and optimize heat transfer. The use of hollow paddles for heat transfer results in a compact machine. The heat transfer medium — which can include steam, oil, thermal fluid, water or glycol — is isolated from the process mass.

Komline Sanderson

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Grieve Corp jumbo walk-in oven

Combination Airflow Jumbo Walk-In Oven Has Removable Top-Mounted Heat Chamber

An electrically heated, 350°F (177°C) jumbo combination walk-in oven, No. 999 is used for curing composite parts at a customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions measure 10 x 40 x 8', and 160 kW are installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat the unit. Two 20-hp recirculating blowers with total 49,500 cfm capacity provide combination airflow to the load. It has 4" insulated walls throughout, aluminized steel interior and exterior, and front and rear double doors with air-operated opening assist. Controls on this Grieve jumbo combination walk-in oven include a digital programming temperature controller, strip chart recorder, SCR power controller and 10 digital countdown timers.

Grieve Corp.

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Top-Loading Ovens Simulate Down-Hole Thermal Conditions in Oil and Gas

Designed for oil and gas drill sites, top-loading ovens simulate the down-hole thermal conditions in oil and gas drilling operations. The Gruenberg brand ovens can be used to calibrate electronic logging instruments and for drilling equipment burn-in. The ovens have heavy-duty dollies and can be used at the drill site. Oven temperatures reach a maximum of 1,000°F (538°C) and the units accommodate various capacities ranging from 4.6 to 27 ft3. The ovens load from the top to allow heavy equipment to be loaded into the test chamber by crane. Features include counterweighted top doors that ease loading and unloading and Marinite insulation to provide an electrically nonconductive, nonmagnetic construction.

SPX Thermal Product Solutions

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Despatch Industries Kanban System

Company Implements Kanban System to Cut Lead Time for Standard Ovens

Standard and custom industrial ovens are designed to accommodate the load sizes and production volumes demanded by the customer. Standard production ovens include the LBB and LAC benchtop and laboratory ovens, LCC clean process ovens, RA series cabinet ovens, TA series walk-in and truck-in ovens and PTC top loading ovens. The company has implemented manufacturing processes that have reduced lead times by 50 percent or more. The company has restructured its manufacturing facility to allow for in-lining of production equipment and assembly stations that improve flow and minimize production time.

Despatch Industries

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Hix parts dryer

Ovens, Dryers Offered in Conveyor, Batch/Cabinet and Tunnel Models

Designed with single-, split- and dual-direction belts, Thermatrol electric, gas or propane conveyor ovens utilize infrared heaters, infra-air or combination infrared/convection heating so specific process needs are met. Other features include inline integral coolers, the ability to interface with external PLCs, and integration with robotic operations. The infrared heat panels provide uniform curing or drying over the entire process. Recirculating hot air using high velocity air knives breaks up moisture barriers and drives solvents away from the substrate.

Hix Corp., Thermatrol Div.

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Custom-Designed Recirculating Ovens with Batch or Continuous Operation

Standard and custom-designed ovens are offered in either batch or continuous types. Sizes range from benchtop to industrial truck ovens in single- or double-door styles. Ovens may be either electric or gas fired. Designs include recirculating truck, walk-in, table-top shelf and front loading. The company also has the capability to manufacture or rebuild most air heaters used in recirculating ovens. The front-loading recirculating oven with pneumatic vertical lift doors and programmable temperature control system provides two work areas that can be loaded or unloaded individually.

Thermcraft Inc.

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Preheat and Curing Ovens for Powder Coating

Convection curing systems utilize about 50 percent of the oven length to raise the part to temperature, leaving less time to complete a cure. Infrared technology can be used to bring the part to temperature in one-tenth the time of a convection system, according to the company, to allow for more time at temperature to cure, or to increase production. Because infrared does not require air to transfer the energy to the product, different colored powder coated parts can be run, one after another, without cross contamination. Powder is gelled before reaching the convection portion of the system.

Casso-Solar Technologies

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ThermaTron X

Aging, Annealing, Baking, Curing, Drawing, Normalizing and Preheating with Ovens

Batch and conveyor ovens, infrared zones, convection curing and dry-off ovens and various custom heat processing solutions can be designed to fit the spatial needs and utility requirements. Ovens can be incorporated into a finishing system or used as a stand-alone oven. Oven heat processing technologies include aging, annealing, baking, curing, drawing, normalizing and preheating. Features include aluminized steel interiors and exteriors with blowers as well as fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation.

Therma-Tron-X Inc.

(920) 743-6568



High Temperature Processing Using Indirectly Heated Rotary Calciners

Designed to provide an efficient means for continuously processing granular materials and powders at high temperatures in oxidizing, inert or reducing environments, rotary calciner consists of a cylindrical rotating tube housed in a refractory-lined gas or electric furnace, positively sealed to prevent air infiltration. Because the bed of material is constantly being turned over, solids-to-gas contact is optimized, minimizing process gas consumption and reducing the size of off-gas treatment systems. Product quality is optimized by a design that establishes and maintains the temperature profiles required of the process. The internal-flight design promotes a gentle tumbling action and provides uniform exposure and efficient heat transfer.

Alstom Power Inc., Air Preheater Co., Raymond Operations

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Indexing Conveyor Oven Cures Urethane Molds

Electrically heated, dual-lane indexing conveyor oven is designed for preheating molds and curing urethane that has been injected into the molds. The molds are loaded single file on each lane. The production rate of the indexing conveyor oven is 60 molds per hour each lane. The maximum temperature rating is 300°F (149°C) with a normal operating temperature of 265°F (129°C).

Wisconsin Oven Corp.

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Web-Drying System Uses Radio Frequency Energy to Dry

Intended for applications in the converting and textile industries with patterned water-based glue and coatings, Macrowave selectively heats only the patterned coatings (wetted sections) on the web. The radio frequency dryer leaves the bound moisture in the substrate intact, thus preventing overdrying, distortion and shrinking. Capable of operating at speeds up to 1,500 ft/min, the drying system reduces make-ready because radio frequency power is instant on/off and energy is only consumed with a load in the system.

Radio Frequency Co. Inc.

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High Capacity Single- and Three-Pass Snack Food Dryers

Standard forced convection ovens and dryers are constructed with corrosion-resistant, aluminized steel. Systems have optional stainless steel construction on the inside, or both inside and outside. Heat source may be natural gas, propane, butane, oil, steam or electric. All systems include NEMA 12 control panel and a Lanscan First Event annunciator incorporated into the control panel.

Lanly Co.

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