At a pulp mill in South America, Helsinki-based Metso started up its AshLeach Duo, a centrifuge system that provides efficient removal of nonprocess elements without requiring steam or sulfuric acid.

According to the company, the new system maintains all operational flexibility advantages of Metso’s original AshLeach technology. The updated version incorporates a two-stage centrifuge system to remove chlorine and potassium from recovery boiler ash. The system is designed to minimize sodium losses and avoid acid usage at high carbonate levels in the ash.

A large part of Metso’s business is providing large recovery boilers to the chemical pulping industry, and so the company considers this project an important milestone. Having effective chlorine and potassium removal is essential for recovery boiler operations in order to increase availability and minimize risk for corrosion.

 The company also announced that two other global pulp corporations have ordered AshLeach Duo systems to be started up within this year.