Almost 100 years ago, Fostoria started business as a manufacturer of steel replacement parts. The company, then called Fostoria Pressed Steel, supplied

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fenders and bumpers to the automotive market.

Things changed for Fostoria prior to World War II. It was then that the company worked in conjunction with Ford Motor Co. on the practical application of electric infrared for curing paint on automobiles. It was this work that formed the genesis of nearly eight decades of research and development as well as the subsequent design and assembly of thousands of infrared oven systems that cover all the major process heating markets (printing, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber, chemicals, food and electronics). The auto industry remains Fostoria’s largest market, particularly for thermoforming and paint finishing applications.

The company, which employs approximately 500 workers, is able to blend its decades of experience with perhaps the most extensive product capabilities in the low temperature oven market. The Johnson City, Tenn.-based IHEA member in the Infrared Equipment Division prides itself on quality in design, product performance and service. Today, Fostoria Process Equipment Division manufactures these major product lines.

  • Specialized Infrared Oven Systems and Controls. Fostoria has designed and built thousands of infrared oven systems. The company’s access to and development of various wavelength emitters allows it to design to the most practical and efficient emitter, based on testing and experience.
  • Standard Modular Infrared Heaters. Fostoria can incorporate any of the three major wavelength categories of emitters normally associated with infrared applications (short-, medium- and long-wavelength emitters) into standard modular heater sections. These modular infrared heaters enable the end user to configure their heater banks to the exact requirements of the application through the flexibility of mounting options and heater outputs.
  • Specialized Controls. Fostoria designs and builds all of its control panels specifically for the individual application and provides complete PLC programming and controls integration.
  • Convection Oven Systems. Gas or electric convection ovens are designed to the specific application. Its high-velocity hot-air impingement dryers are especially effective for dehydration processes or the rapid cure of finishes. Fostoria also manufactures modular batch ovens in more than 140 standard sizes, allowing for cost savings and reduced lead times for applications up to 450°F (232°C). These modular ovens are often sold with Fostoria’s standard modular powder spray booths and incorporated into complete paint and powder finishing systems.
  • Space and Comfort Heating. Fostoria also provides a line of electric infrared comfort heaters (permanent mount or portable) for indoor hard-to-heat areas and for outdoor spot-heat applications and snow/ice control. The company supplies several other specialized electric heaters, including hazardous location heaters, washdown heaters, unit heaters, portable salamanders, duct heaters and air curtains.

Fostoria just completed a series of its largest infrared thermoforming systems for a major Tier One automotive-components supplier, a process that took 18 months. As for the future, the company plans to grow with the major markets it currently serves and continue to provide solutions to its customer base.

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