Heat Transfer System Cleaners Strip Fouled Systems of Sludge, Carbon

Capable of cleaning sludge, coke and varnish from expansion tanks, reservoirs, processes and piping within a few hours, system cleaners can be used for preventive maintenance and even emergency downtime system revivers. Designed for severely fouled systems, emergency system reviver DuraClean Ultra has a light odor yet a fast-acting formulation that allows it to strip fouled heat transfer systems of oxidized and thermally degraded oil deposits. Prescribed for quick removal of sludge and carbon from heat transfer systems, it will generally clean moderately to severely fouled systems in a few hours.

Duratherm Extended Life Fluids

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Heat Transfer Fluids for Liquid-Phase Applications

The Calflo line of fluids is suited for use in liquid-phase applications between 620 and -40°F (326 and - 40°C), in both open and closed systems. The four formulations meet the performance, environmental, health and safety needs of a range of processing applications. The heat transfer fluids provide thermal and oxidative stability for longer fluid life and enhanced equipment stability. Nontoxic, the fluids are safer for workers, the environment and the bottom line.

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Increased Capacity for Heat Transfer Fluid Manufacturing

In July 2012, Eastman Chemical Co. completed its acquisition of Solutia Inc. In July 2013, the company broke ground on a capacity increase for its Therminol heat transfer fluids. The plant expansion, located in Newport, Wales, will be a new manufacturing facility capable of producing Therminol 66 and other biphenyl based co-products.  The facility is expected to be operational in the second half of 2014 and will increase total capacity for Therminol 66 by more than 50 percent. Also in 2013, the Therminol brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The line of synthetic high temperature heat transfer fluids is supported by good technical support, customer service, performance and innovation.

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Food-Grade Heat Transfer Fluid Used for Indirect Heating Loops

Suited for use in indirect heating loops for frying and baking, MultiTherm PG-1 is a nontoxic, colorless and odorless food-grade heat transfer fluid that has an operating temperature above 600°F (316°C). In the food processing industry, it is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid in plants operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. It does not contain any components recognized as hazardous chemicals under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. In addition, the fluid is FDA certified, USDA acceptable, NSF HT-1 approved for incidental contact, Kosher certified, and food certified in Canada.


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Thermal Fluid Offers Low Temperature Startup

Paratherm HR offers thermal stability. The alkylated-aromatic based heat transfer fluid is formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating to 650°F (343°C) in fired heaters and 675°F (358°C) in waste heat recovery and full convection heaters. It has a cold startup temperature of 13°F (-11°C). Suitable for high temperature operation and offering high thermal stability, the thermal fluid can be used for applications such as gas processing, chemical processes, waste oil recovery, biodiesel production and plastic processing. The company’s engineers evaluate, understand and improve hot-oil systems, heat transfer fluids, and processes. It manufactures several other heat transfer fluids as well as system cleaners.

Paratherm Corp.

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Reclaim Degraded Heat Transfer Fluids with Fluid Processing

Companies interested in improving hot oil system performance, reclaiming existing fluid, or adding makeup fluid can get help. With the company’s reclaim-and-return program, heat transfer fluid users send in degraded heat transfer fluids. The company removes the contaminants responsible for degraded performance and then returns the fluid to the customer. Reclaiming fluid can extend fluid use-life and provide savings vs. the cost or virgin replacement fluid. In addition, the company offers synthetic heat transfer fluids blends, including partially hydrogenated terphenyls, custom-blended synthetics and alkylbenzene mixtures.

Chem Group Inc.

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