Chiller Has 4 Large Display Windows with Continuous Display

Water temperature control unit is used to preheat a process to the desired operating temperature by engaging the unit’s electric immersion heater and recirculating the water in the system. Upon reaching the operating temperature, the Sentra water temperature control unit can continue to add heat or become a cooling device by exchanging a small amount of recirculated water with cooling water from an external source. Tight temperature control is achieved by adding the appropriate amount of heat or by precisely metering cooling water into the system.

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Recirculating Chillers Offer Low Temperature Operation

Kodiak 9 and 11 kW units offer options such as dual voltage configuration, SEMI S2 and F47 compliance, low temperature operation (14 to 95°F [-10 to 35°C]) and a water-cooled condenser. Offered in two models, the RC095 provides up to 9.6 kW (32.7 kBTU/hr) of cooling capacity, and the RC115 provides up to 11 kW (37.5 kBTU/hr) of cooling capacity at 68°F (20°C) setpoint, 68°F (20°C) ambient, and 60 Hz input supply. Both chillers are able to maintain ±0.2°F (0.1°C) temperature stability, are CE certified and MET tested to UL 1995, and have a two-year warranty.


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Mokon chillers

Systems Control Temperature During Critical Manufacturing

Circulating liquid temperature control systems for cleanroom applications can be installed inside or outside a cleanroom for applications requiring accurate temperature control during the manufacture of critical components and products. Features and options include water and heat transfer oil systems, custom designed/engineered systems, closed or open loop circuitry, single and multi-zone circuits, stainless steel cabinets and components, and TEFC motors and magnetic drive sealless pumps.


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Dependable Temperature Control and Coolant Circulation

With a low-profile design that permits installation in tight spots, Series LK-20 is suitable for use in OEM and end user applications. Features of the portable recirculating chiller include a high-efficiency refrigeration system and optional all-stainless steel plumbing and cabinets that help ensure compatibility with process fluids and operating environments. Self-contained and tethered controllers provide stability to ± 0.1°C, and constructions are available that are designed specifically for use with third-party temperature system controls.

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Sterling chillers

Environmentally Friendly Portable Chilling Offers Tight Temperature Control

Series GP offers R410A refrigerant, designed to meet the latest regulatory requirements. An electronic modulating capacity control maintains leaving fluid temperature to within 0.1°F, and electronic sensors with digital readout include leaving and entering fluid temperatures; compressor suction pressure; compressor discharge pressure; condenser inlet temperature; superheat, sub-cool; pump pressure and tank level. Monitoring the conditions of the chiller provides adaptive control, where the operator can adjust the operation of certain components when the chiller approaches an alarm condition in an effort to keep the chiller running with minimal to no downtime. Optional web access allows a technician to diagnose alarms and see real-time data remotely.


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Chromalox chillers

Mid-Size Water/Glycol System Offered in Space-Saving Package

With an electric heating core that ensures responsive, precise temperature control, Model MWS is engineered to operate up to 300°F (150°C) with either water or water/glycol fluids. The heavy-duty, steel support base has channel grooves for forklift transport. The heater chamber is fully welded and houses the company’s heating elements. It is designed for applications such as reactors, evaporators, dryers, platen presses, heat exchangers, roll heating or any jacketed kettles, vessels or tanks.


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