Hot Water Pumps Designed for Temperatures up to 530°F

The company offers a range of hot water pumps for temperatures up to 530°F (277°C) and design pressures up to 1,160 psi. Due to high vapor pressures, standard mechanical seals cannot be used for higher temperatures. The easiest solution is a cooled mechanical seal, but the required cooling water has additional cost. An alternative is a standard mechanical seal with a pumping device and an external air cooler. The cooler is a recent development for this application, and it does not need cooling water. It is self venting.

Dickow Pump Co. • Please see our ad on page 26

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Air-Cooled, Vertical Inline Pumps Designed for Use With Thermal Liquid, Hot Water

The air-cooled design means external water cooling is not required for the bearings and mechanical seal. Dean Pump brand Series RAV, designed specifically for use with hot oil, includes three pump sizes (in ductile iron construction); capacities to 275 gal/min(63 m3/hr); heads to 300' (92 m); maximum working pressures to 250 psig (1724 kPA); and maximum pumping temperatures to 650°F (343°C). Series RWAV, designed specifically for use with hot water, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, has the same sizes, capacities and heads, but with pressures to 450 psig (3103 kPA), and temperatures to 400°F (204°C).

Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions

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Screw-Driven Linear Actuator Provides, Smooth, Precise Actuation

Housed on a high strength aluminum beam and fitted with a stainless steel sealing band, the HepcoMotion PSD80 uses Herculane wheels mounted to an adjustable carriage, offering long life and no relubrication. Single or multiple carriages on a unit are possible and can handle loads to 500 N. A stainless steel lead screw provides actuation with pitch ranges of 0.1575, 0.5906, 0.9843 and 2.756" (4, 15, 25 and 70 mm). The 0.9843" (25 mm) lead is useful in Z-axis applications while the 2.756" (70 mm) screw pitch satisfies the higher speed pick-and-place requirements. The lead screw is available in right- and left-handed threads and offers smooth, strong and precise actuation.

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

(888) 580-8272


Oven Thermal Profiling Without Thermocouples

The complete oven profile kit includes a three-sensor pallet, the company’s V-M.O.L.E. thermal profiler with its M.A.P. software, and a thermal barrier. The kit also eliminates the time spent gathering profiling equipment. Used to verify that ovens remain in specification after a printed circuit board’s initial characterization profile, OvenChecker is designed to be self-contained and does not requires thermocouples or repeated use of “golden boards.”


(503) 659-6100


Pressure-Reducing Valves Have Built-In Strainer

Cospect’s built-in strainer, super-cyclonical-effects separator and Free Float steam trap help prevent scale, rust and condensate from entering the pressure-reducing valve or reaching the interior parts. The cyclone separator forcibly removes 98 percent of the condensate from the flow at the inlet side, thereby reducing condensate-induced erosion of parts such as the main valve.

TLV Corp.

(704) 597-9070

Infrared Cameras Include Moisture, Insulation Alarms

Designed for quick, detailed diagnostics in industrial applications, T300 provides 2 percent thermal accuracy; 30 Hz frame rate; and less than 0.05°C thermal sensitivity (NETD). It has a temperature measurement range of -4 to 1,202°F (-20 to 650°C) with an optional range reaching to 2,192°F (1,200°C). Also, the B300 includes the capabilities of the T300 and adds an optimized temperature range of -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C), as well as moisture and insulation alarms to identify conditions that suggest moisture issues or missing or improperly installed insulation.

Flir Systems Inc.

(800) 464-6372

Low Friction, Self-Lubricating Bushings and Bearings

The low friction level and self-lubricating properties of Graphalloy bushings and bearings make them suited for use in applications involving high temperatures and extreme chemical or mechanical stresses. The self-lubricating properties are constant throughout the material, so the bushings and bearings can be used in environments that do not permit the use of grease or oil. Applications include ovens, dampers, kiln carts and mechanical linkages. The nongalling components can withstand temperatures ranging from cryogenic to more than 1000°F (538°C).

Graphite Metallizing Corp.

(914) 968-8400

Graphite-Based Boiler Gaskets Handle High Pressure

Series 2000 engineered gasket complements the company’s current product line by providing a sealing alternative to other high pressure boiler gasket designs such as spiral wound and expanded PTFE gaskets. The graphite-based engineered gaskets can be used in boilers operating at up to 2,000 psi and 1,200°F (649°C). Applications include steam pressure vessels, hot water heaters, demineralizers, steam humidifiers, dryer cans in paper mills, refrigeration units, filtering units, liquid treatment vessels, deaerators and makeup tanks.

Topog-E Gasket Co.

(918) 587-6649

Locate the End of Heat Tracing Circuits Easily

Heat tracing circuits often are terminated at inconvenient locations. A light that can be seen day or night from most locations is an advantage. Terminator “Beacon” end-of-circuit light gives visual indication that the circuit is on. It has 32 LEDs and operates on every voltage from 100 to 277 V. Easy to assemble, the light requires only a few tools that are commonly used during heat tracing installation.

Thermon Americas Inc.

(800) 820-4328

Save Money through Energy-Efficiency Programs via Utilities

Company provided a total of more than $2.5 million in rebates and incentives to its industrial processors since 2006 through its energy-efficiency programs. More than 500 pieces of energy-efficient equipment qualify for the rebates, and the incentive programs cover virtually any business process improvement that saves natural gas. Industrial process equipment includes pipes and tanks insulation, steam traps and heat recovery equipment.

Southern California Gas (SoCalGas), a Sempra Energy Co.

(800) 427-6584, ext. 4

Plug Fans Have Backward-Curved Airfoil Wheels

With Model TEK backward-curved airfoil wheels, plug fans are suited for OEM applications where a plenum air circulator is required. The impellers combine injection-molding techniques with high-strength plastics to produce a wheel that is stronger than steel, yet half its weight. The fans incorporate an integral mounting panel that allows for air circulation in the plenum while keeping the motor external to the airstream.

Continental Fan Manufacturing

(800) 779-4021

Alloy Provides Corrosion Resistance in Heat Transfer Equipment

Corrosion-resistant tantalum alloys are used in process applications involving aggressive, acidic environments but they can experience hydrogen embrittlement. The corrosion resistance, durability, workability and heat transfer properties of tantalum

and niobium make them ideal for challenging applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s engineered materials are used to produce condensers, coils, pipe spools, heat exchangers and other components exposed to corrosive fluids.

H.C. Starck Inc.

(216) 692-3990

Boiler, Heat Exchanger Optimization with Water Treatment Services

Water treatment services help manufacturers in the process industries maintain production efficiency and quality regardless of the product or process. Services available for the chemical processing market includes boiler, cooling and wastewater efficiency; heat exchange efficiency calculation; environmental compliance; slag modification; combustion catalyst and slag modification; analytical troubleshooting; water reuse studies and implementation; corrosion studies;  waste treatment optimization and design; waste treatment jar studies; fuel oil treatment programs; and Legionella risk assessment.

U.S. Water Services • (866) 663-7632

High Temperature, Electrically Conductive Coating

Pyro-Duct 597-C can be used to protect high vacuum components for applications up to 1,700°F (927°C). The single-component system adheres to both ceramic and glass substrates. The silver-filled, high temperature, electrically and thermally conductive coating can be applied by brush, dipping or spray gun. It dries at room temperature in approximately one hour. Typical applications include sensors used in high vacuum systems, high temperature connectors and semiconductor components.

Aremco Products • (845) 268-0039

Compact Flowmeters

Compact flowmeter line includes four DP technologies: orifice, wedge, averaging pitot and integral orifice. Each is a one-piece flowmeter, incorporating the primary element, three- or five-valve instrument manifold and transmitter in a single, fully pressure-tested assembly. The flowmeter design close couples the transmitter and primary measurement device, eliminating the requirement for long lengths of small-bore impulse piping. The flowmeters are supplied fully assembled and tested, and every meter is supplied with a factory-acceptance test certificate.

ABB Measurement Products • (800) 829-6001

Heat Tracing Systems Designed with Heat Management System Software

The company’s engineers apply product and optimization strategies to design a heat management system that meets the user’s specific requirements. TracerLynx utilizes standard plant-model component files to execute the heat management system design directly from your design data. The integrated software for 3D plant modeling is compatible with industry standard IDF Files and PCF files. The designs are fully integrated and aligned with the master 3D plant modeling data.

Pentair Thermal Management • (800) 545-6258

Mechanical Insulation

Digital insulation cover monitors temperatures, evaluates health status and notifies upon deviation from the norm. Smart Jackets record internal and ambient temperatures with a wireless sensor. Every data point is reported to an online dashboard, allowing plant technicians to monitor efficiency remotely. Custom email and text-message alerts can be set to notify maintenance staff in the event of fluctuation or critical levels.

Thermaxx Jackets • (203) 931-2122

Portable Filtration System Keeps Heat Transfer Fluid Cleaner

Portable heat transfer fluid (hot oil or thermal fluid) system filters hot fluids at temperatures up to 375°F (191°C) and has temperature options rated up to 650°F (343°C). It is designed to remove carbon, coke and sludge; reduce degradation; and optimize thermal fluid life and overall efficiency of heat transfer fluids. It has carbon steel construction to minimize potential for leaks. Pump flow rates from 5 to 15 gal/min are available.

Liquid Process Systems • (888) 786-1101

Troubleshooting Test Tools

Test tools wirelessly connect multiple measurement modules and send simultaneous readings to a CNX main unit up to 65' (20 m) away, allowing users to troubleshoot problems quickly. The customizable tool set allows users to choose measurement modules such as voltage, current or temperature based on their specific troubleshooting scenario. CNX main units include the company’s Ti1XX Series imager, which allows live measurements of up to five wireless modules to be viewed on its screen and integrated into the infrared image. The CNX 3000 wireless multimeter can display its readings along with readings from up to three other measurement modules.

Fluke • (800) 443-5853

Self-Lubricating, Carbon-Graphite Materials for Severe Service Lubrication

Grade M-58 has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration so it can be used in food contact applications, meaning the oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite material can be used in dry running, food mixer seals to provide lower seal friction and longer seal wear life. The electro-graphite base material contains an additive to reduce friction and improve the dry running wear rate. Available fully machined to the user’s drawing specifications, primary seal rings can be used in temperatures between -30 and 800°F (-34 to 427°C).

Metallized Carbon Corp.
(914) 941-3738

Quick-Connect System for Joining Black Iron Pipe

MegaPress system is designed for installing Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe in sizes 0.5 to 2". Fittings can be prefabricated, producing a straight, clean installation that can be pitched back to the supply source. With the Smart Connect feature, installers can verify that all prefabbed fittings are pressed before they are installed. Fittings can be installed while the system is live.

Viega Group
(800) 976-9819

Compact Drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drives deliver flexible control and help simplify startup. Features include a modular design in ranges from 0.5 to 30 hp or 0.4 to 22 kW at 100 to 600 V input. The drives simplify equipment design and operation while easing installation and configuration. With features such as embedded EtherNet/IP, safety and USB programming, the drives are suited for machine-level and stand-alone applications or simple system integration.

Rockwell Automation

(414) 382-2000

Online Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging camera offers 125 Hz speed with a 384x288 pixel FPA detector in an compact design. Ethernet-ready connectivity is offered for long distance transmission and the use of I/O modules with multiple relays, voltage or current outputs for process control applications. User-selectable shapes can be assigned to specific regions of interest, which then can be overlaid on top of the displayed thermal image. Equipped with a temperature range from -4 to 1,652°F (-20 to 900°C), the radiometric device provides single-shot or sequences of thermal images for temperature mapping or profiling of the target area observed.

Process Sensors Corp.
(201) 485-8773

Portable Pyrometer

Pocket-Probe V offers one-hand operation with accurate temperature readings. The hand-held pyrometer uses direct plug-in sensors and interchangeable sensor tips to eliminate the need for lead wires. In the event that a sensor breaks, or an application requires a different sensor style, the user simply changes the sensor tip. The instrument is housed in a heavy stainless steel enclosure with reinforced welded corners.

Electronic Development Labs Inc.
(800) 342-5335

Portable Data Acquisition System

Available with up to 24 channels and sample rates up to 240 ms/s, Model TraNET PPC enables precise data acquisition from multiple points simultaneously. The system combines high-speed, LAN-controlled instruments with an industrial PC for flexible data acquisition in harsh environments. Configurations of four, eight and 12 channels are available in addition to the 24-channel model, depending on application needs. Each channel provides up to 128 MB of acquisition memory.

Elsys Instruments  (845) 238-3933

Replace Metal Valves with Thermoplastic Butterfly Valve

Type 57LIS can be used to replace metallic butterfly valves and conforms to ISO-5752 short face-to-face dimensions. It is intended for use, without any modification to the existing piping system, in applications where metal valves constantly corrode. It is offered in 3 to 8" sizes as a lever-style valve, or with the company’s Plasgear gear operator.

Asahi/America Inc. • (781) 321-5409

Pressure Blowers for High Volume Applications

Blowers support pressures to 91" wg and volumes to 18,000 cfm. Model D53 is suited for combustion air, aeration, cooling and drying systems, and other high volume processes. Features include a lightweight aluminum alloy wheel design to reduce motor loads. The convex wheel sides and shaped air chambers maintain consistent velocity to produce a stable flow across the performance range while reducing sound levels.

Chicago Blower • (630) 858-2600

Combined Oxygen and Combustibles Analyzer

Thermox WDG-IVC has a close-coupled extractive sensor style. Designed for fast response, the sensor mounts directly on the combustion process to provide continuous measurement of oxygen and combustibles. With a separate control unit, the analyzer is suitable for flue gas streams up to 3,200°F (1,760°C). It is designed to be used for process heaters, reformers and power or steam boilers with rapidly changing loads. Minimum combustibles range is 0 to 2,000 ppm.

Ametek Thermox • (412) 828-9040

Fused Silica Composites

Type RSLE-57 is a low-expansion, high-strength reinforced-silica-matrix composite product. It exhibits good nonwetting properties when used in contact with molten aluminum, zinc, lead, tin and other non-ferrous metals, making it useful in numerous casting, conveying, containing and forming applications. The composite is suitable for use as dams, spouts, floats, launders, head boxes, baffles, headers, tips, rings, distribution boxes, stoppers, basins, snouts, transition & orifice plates and hot top and ingot mold liners. It is 100 percent organic-free; contains no refractory ceramic fibers (RCFs); and is fully machinable with conventional tooling.

Zircar Refractory Composites Inc.

(845) 651-2200

One-Step, Water-Based Coating Process

Thermadep provides a consistent finish and is available in a range of colors. The one-step process replaces the environmentally less-friendly procedures of oiling, painting and plating. Users dip a heated part (at temperatures from 300 to 1,700°F [149 to 925°C]) into a bath of the water-based polymer solution. After 5 to 50 sec, remove the part from the bath and air dry or bake it. Rinsing or additional steps are not needed. Parts coated with the process are ready for immediate processing or shipping.

Egyptian Coatings

(615) 790-3881

Heated Tanks and Pots

Suitable for use melting and dispensing waxes, adhesives, plastics, asphalt, pitch and other industrial compounds, heated tank as well as heated dispensing tanks and pots utilize the company’s “Even Heat” multiple-circuit, blanket-type element. Accurate, selective thermostat closely controls wall temperature. Dispensing can be accomplished through a heated hand-operated needle valve orifice.

Sta-Warm Electric Co. Inc.

(330) 296-6461

Chemical Seals

Seals provide a protective barrier between a pressure sensor such as a gauge, switch, transmitter or transducer and the process media. Chemical seals protect pressure instruments against corrosion, abrasion, viscosity and crystallizing media. Diaphragm seal housings are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, PTFE and titanium materials. Diaphragm materials include 316 stainless steel, PTFE, Viton, Monel and tantalum metals. Configurations include threaded, flanged, in-line flow-through, sanitary and remote capillary systems.


(800) 648-7737

Boiler Flame Safeguard Control

Part of the BurnerLogix line, Model Z fully integrates boiler control and flame-safeguard functions into one compact package. It incorporates specific boiler control functions such as a programmable PID firing rate via a dedicated 4 to 20 mA command rate output and thermal shock protection with low fire hold or timed override. Its lead-lag system can be tailored to meet exacting site conditions.

Fireye Inc.

(603) 432-4100

Fluid Control Products

More than 3,000 models from let you control fluid in any application. Choose from water, hot water and steam valves; combustion shutoff valves; vent valves; manual rest and manual override options; air and gas valves; magnetic level switches and more.

Jefferson Solenoid Valves

(305) 349-8120

Process Pump

PowerFlow has a cast-iron body and A2 tool steel pumping elements or, for corrosive applications, 17-4 PH stainless steel pumping elements. Other features include standard 316 stainless steel construction; Viton O-rings and hard silicon carbide faces; or optional Tungston carbide faces and O-rings of Nitrile, EPDM or Kalrez. The heavy-duty construction allows it to handle flows to 400 gal/min.

Moyno Inc.

(877) 486-6966

Multi-Gas Monitor

Whether in a confined space or an open area, Model G450 is easy to operate, read and carry. It continuously detects and measures O2, H2S, carbon monoxide and combustible gases in ambient air. Features include precalibrated sensors and AutoCal automatic calibration; an extra large, invertible, heterochromatic display; rotating 360° bright, flashing alarms; and a 103 dB buzzer. The watertight design (IP67) provides an impact-proof rubberized housing. It operates up to 24 hr continuously, depending on the frequency and duration of alarms. Batteries are fully recharged in 4 hr with the optional NiMH battery pack.

GfG Instrumentation

(800) 959-0329

Ceramic Insulators

Steatite L3 ceramic is suitable for use as high-frequency, low-loss, high-voltage insulation. It is composed of multi-component crystalline phases of the magnesium-aluminum-silicate system group. It is suitable for resistor forms, surge arrestors, standoffs, spacers and coil forms. Cerasil 223U is an alumino-silicate ceramic with properties similar to Steatite, but it has a lower thermal coefficient of expansion than high-alumina ceramics to provide thermal shock resistance. It offers a lower firing temperature, consistent lower shrinkage and less tool wear. It is suitable for volume production of small, pressed insulators.

Morgan Technical Ceramics Inc.

(440) 232-8600

Orifice Gate Valve

Designed to handle dry bulk solids in gravity-flow, dilute-phase or vacuum-conveying applications up to 15 psig, the Quantum Series is offered in sizes from 2 to 14”. The blade-and-seal design allows the valve to self-clean on the opening stroke, which prevents material from packing on the valve’s internal seals. This feature helps maintain cleanliness and inhibit material leakage across the valve or into the atmosphere. The orifice gate can be applied to control, shutoff or meter material flow of non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, granulars or pellets.

Vortex Valves North America

(785) 825-7177

Firetube Boiler Cleaning System

Model RAM-4X2A is equipped with a 2-hp drive motor. Its cleaning tool mounted to the tip of a heavy-duty flexible shaft and a simultaneous vacuum remove scale and other deposits from boiler tubes measuring 1” dia. or more. The speed of the flexible shaft is 1,725 rpm, which can be decreased to 862.5 rpm by changing pulley ratio. Other features include stainless steel construction, large wheels and foot-switch activation.


(800) 333-7467

Boiler Feed-Pump Control Valve

Multi-Z is designed to handle high-pressure drop applications where entrained solids are a problem and is suited for system startup and boiler-feed water recirculation. The control valve has a multi-stage trim design that eliminates cavitation and provides extended trim life. The addition of a venturi outlet nozzle provides further trim and seat protection from high velocity, cavitation and flashing. Its linear multi-stage plug design provides high rangeability and throttling resolution. The valve can be installed so the flow assists either opening or closing. Available in sizes from 1 to 4” and in pressure classes from ANSI 300 to 2500, the valve accommodates diaphragm or piston actuators.

Flowserve Corp.

(801) 489-2393

Heat-Resistant Coatings

Thurmalox 8886 creates a barrier against glycol cooling agents and synthetic lubricants at temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). The heat-resistant coating is recommended for use on valves, castings, pumps, compressors, pipes, exhaust systems and related equipment. The two-component, silicone copolymer coating is available in clear, black and custom OEM colors. Suitable for application by conventional and airless, HVLP, HTE or assisted airless spray equipment, the coatings will adhere to clean, smooth carbon, stainless, blasted, phosphatized and primed steel as well as galvanized, copper and aluminum substrates.

Dampney Co. Inc.

(617) 389-2805

SPC Software

Synergy 2000 is used in quality-assurance applications to monitor and react to process variations during production. The software ensures production consistency, preventing defects, reducing manufacturing costs and complying with contract requirements. Features include a math calculator for average, max, min, TIR and true position; Windows Vista compatibility; query and reporting modifications that bridge time periods for before and after midnight; and save options for spreadsheets and reports. The software runs on all Windows 32-bit operating system.


(866) 955-0088

Non-Metallic Pump

Composite Mag-Drive is suitable for crucial liquid-containment applications, including corrosive chemicals, VOCs and flammable liquids. The engineered-fluoropolymer and ceramic-wetted material design and construction permit the pump to handle a broad pH range. Benefits include a magnet system with a spline design that permits the magnet to self-align while floating on the shaft without additional fasteners, and self-lubricating, heavy-duty bearings with 30-min dry-run capabilities.

Viking Pump

(319) 266-1741

Stainless Steel Strainers

Thompson strainers remove particles from process water, cooling water and other streams. Available in Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel, the strainers have a large conical screen element that provides more screen surface area. The strainers are available with several screen mesh options ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to those approximately 50 µm. Optional instrumentation packages include an automatic timer flush package, which is programmed to automatically open the strainer’s flush port on a periodic basis.

Miller-Leaman Inc.

(800) 881-0320

Butterfly Valves

Heavy-duty butterfly valves help avoid corrosion problems in demanding conditions. With a one-piece body made of glass-filled polypropylene, they offer high-impact resistance and light weight, as well as mechanical and environmental strength. Due to a disc design, they minimize pressure loss and turbulence in the line. The disc is offered in PVC, Corzan, CPVC, PPL, PVDF or ABS. The shaft is made of stainless steel, and the gasket can be supplied in food-grade EPDM or Viton.

Cepex USA

(904) 695 1441

Silicone Rubber Components

The company custom formulates, mills and mixes silicone for high-heat and high-pressure applications. It can extrude and splice gasketing, mold gasketing or parts, or calendar and die-cut silicon or fluorosilicone rubber. Silicone can be formulated to withstand intermittent temperature excursions to 600°F (316°C).

Reiss Manufacturing Inc.

(434) 292-1600

Fire-Resistant Cable

A fire-rated circuit-integrity-in-conduit cable, X-IT will withstand more than two hours of direct flame. The construction is ceramifiable silicone rubber insulation with a low smoke/zero halogen jacket. It also can be supplied with a copper foil shield.

Radix Wire Co.

(216) 731-9191

Remote-Controlled Pressure Washers

LanCom wireless remote option is available with the company’s Series VHG, PHWS, VNG, EHW and SEA washers. The wireless remote can control the pressure washer’s pump, burner and detergent-injection operations from up to 300’ away.

Landa Cleaning Systems

(800) 547-8672

Pinch Valve

Designed to provide control of abrasive and corrosive slurries, Series 5200 includes a resilient elastomer sleeve that produces a smooth venturi flow path. The manufacturer asserts that it outlasts gate, plug, ball and satellite-coated control valves. The reinforced elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part of the control pinch valve, eliminating the need for packing, valve seats and mechanical parts. A cone sleeve trim commonly is used in throttling applications for tighter control and better rangeablility. Pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and smart positioner controls are available.

Red Valve Co. Inc.

(412) 279-0044

Vacuum, Gas-Flush Sealers

Setting suitable and long-term vacuum and gas-flush package sealing temperature conditions is possible using the LOS Series. Designed for large-sized packaging applications, the sealers have a built-in temperature control system called OnPul. It controls heating temperatures by measuring them at the heating element. The low-profile temperature sensor directly contacts the heater, preventing the temperature from exceeding the preset. The vacuum sealing function is designed to flush the air inside the packaging and reduce package volume.

Fuji Impulse

(847) 236-9190

Equipment Health Monitoring Starter Kit

The typical facility has thousands of rotating assets such as pumps, fans, agitators, motors and blowers that are manually monitored to determine their mechanical health. OneWireless EHM Starter Kit provides a means to monitor vital rotating assets. The heart of the system is the wireless interface module (WIM), which receives and processes the data from the sensor. The WIM provides four dynamic ICP acceleration channels; support for full dynamic time and spectrum data; digital conversion of acceleration to velocity; enveloping; two tachometers; four 4 to 20 mA channels; and two digital interrupts for triggering.

Honeywell Process Solutions, Automation & Control Solutions

(800) 822-7673

Parabolic Trough Collector System

Model PT-1 can be used to support thermal loads for industrial process heating applications such as hot water heating, process hot water production, steam generation, food processing and desalination.

Abengoa Solar Inc.

(303) 928-8500

Pipeline Pump

The HD6 produces flows beyond 2,700 gal/min and heads to 165’. In addition, the 6” all-purpose pipeline is able to pass 3” solids. This pump has hydraulic efficiency at BEP of 80 percent. The galvanized fuel tank and protection cage help protect the pump at remote, rugged locations. Self-contained galvanized drag skids hold any liquids that may drip from the radiator, fuel tank, or engine/ It is fully automatic and it primes from totally dry conditions.

Rain for Rent

(661) 399-9128

Digital Controller

The pCOxs controller combines high performance and user-friendliness with its integrated 4x20 character LCD display. This flexible controller excels at controlling rooftops, air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps, air-handling units, dehumidifiers and many other applications in the HVAC/R markets. The controller is DIN-rail mounting and has six digital inputs, five relays, four analog inputs, and two 0 to 10 V outputs with optional expansion boards. A serial port is standard for BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and Web Server communications.


(717) 664-0500