powder coating
PCI will offer powder coating seminars in August and September. Photo courtesy of Euo Quality Coatings

Powder Coating Institute is offering a two-day, hands-on advanced workshop that focuses on all aspects of the powder coating process. The workshop, “Optimizing Your Powder Operation,” is offered August 13-14 at Wagner Systems in Elgin, Ill.

The course will focus on topics such as:

  • Powder coating material selection.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Powder application.
  • Quality control and maintenance.
  • System operation and maintenance.
  • Drying and curing.
  • Booths and recovery systems.
  • Manual spraying (Faraday, electrostatic rejection, cross contamination, effective use of measurement equipment).
  • Setting up automated guns.
  • Spraying multiple parts.

Individuals with basic knowledge of powder coatings (three or more years of experience recommended) or prior attendance at PCI's Powder Coating 101 workshop are qualified to attend the workshop.

In addition, the institute is offering its "Powder Coating 101" workshop on September 10-11 at TCI Powder Coatings Technical Center in Jacksonville, Fla.

This workshop is an introduction to powder coating that focuses on materials, application, reclamation, testing and evaluation, quality control, the manufacturing process, and more.

For additional information about the workshops, visit www.powdercoating.org.