With the addition of the InnovaMass 241 flowmeter to its online store, Sierra Instruments reportedly offers the largest selection of in-stock factory heavy- and light-industrial mass flowmeters available online. Features of the online store include a streamlined ordering platform, next-day delivery and a global network of factory-direct customer support.

The industrial online flowmeter store includes in-stock versions of:

  • Mass Vortex Flowmeters. InnovaMass 241 VT is used to measure volumetric flow rate and temperature. Model 241 VTP is used to measure mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate and fluid density of gas, liquid or steam.
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters. BoilerTrak 620S and FastFlo 620S in precalibrated 1, 2, 3 and 4" schedule 40 pipe sizes for typical application in the precise measurement of methane/propane and compressed air measurements.
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Ultrasonic flowmeters are intended for liquids flow measurement and heavy industrial flow and level switches.

Fully customizable versions of all Sierra products are also available.