There are many methods of applying heat for industrial processes, and each has its advantages. Heraeus Noblelight uses the most advanced, efficient and cost-

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effective methods for a given application. This is why manufacturers across the globe turn to this Buford, Ga.-based company for their thermal-processing needs.

Whether it is a new application or new performance requirements, Heraeus thermal-processing technologies are often the ideal method of applying heat to solve complex industrial challenges. This IRED member provides a consultative approach with its customers. The company’s sales and engineering team is experienced in the practical and theoretical aspects of its products and the client’s applications. This team is supported by application specialists, engineers and a research-and-development group. Heraeus offers customers worldwide technical support through its Application Centers and support network.

Thermal-Processing Technology

Heraeus develops and manufactures heaters, modules, controls and a large selection of accessories designed to support the components for heat processing applications. Customer support, technical know-how and application assistance ensure the highest level of efficiency and functionality. Products offered include:

Heraeus Noblelight uses the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective methods for a given application. This is why manufacturers across the globe turn to this Buford, Ga.-based company for their thermal-processing needs.

•  Heaters — full range of wavelengths/power and sizes; standard and custom designed.

•  Modules — standard and custom-sized housings to match specific requirements

•  SCR controls — 10 to 1,200 A; 24 to 600 V; and zero or phase-angle control.

•  Digital controllers — manual or closed-loop PID control.

•  Control systems — fully integrated PLC system/control.

•  Optical pyrometers — precise noncontact temperature measurement systems.

•  Quartz and ceramic windows — optically transparent process and viewing windows.

•  Ceramic mounting hardware — terminals, feed-throughs, bushings, insulation, mounting.

•  Wavelength converters — high temperature shifting of wavelength for ovens.

Thermal-Processing Systems

Heraeus designs complete thermal heating systems for industrial use. The company offers standard and modular systems as well as complete customized solutions, including conveyors, support framing, air handling, controls, installation, service and other accessories. Drawing on its vast experience, Heraeus works closely with the customer to create the ideal system. This comprehensive process includes: detailed evaluation of the application; research of the Heraeus database; material testing and process development; engineering and design of system and control units; final manufacture, installation, startup and after-sale support.

Thermal-Processing Consulting

Heraeus combines its practical experience with modern computational methods. In other words, the company uses a hands-on approach with a theoretical background to guide clients from concept through production. Application tools available include:

•  Materials application lab for testing.

•  Field test equipment and system rental program.

•  Extensive database covering thousands of applications.

•  Development group for analysis.

Numerical simulation tools have become vital in the virtual analysis and optimization of advanced systems. The use of these competitive systems has enabled manufacturers to reduce development costs and time while improving the safety and durability of their products. Heraeus offers the following numerical tools: ray tracing, computational fluid dynamics, multiphysics modeling (FEM) and Monte-Carlo radiative transfer model.

Control Panels

AccuPower units from Heraeus are proportional, variable-power controllers capable of delivering 1 to 98 percent of the applied line voltage in a wide array of process applications. The AccuPower’s built-in microprocessor-based digital controller allows for smooth, continuously variable power for resistive loads. The TS line of standard control panels offers easy-to-use functionality with total control of the process. It can be used for either precise automatic closed-loop control or for manual operation.

Infrared Systems

The M Series of infrared heating modules features a rugged, durable heating field that is suitable for a variety of industrial heating applications. These systems, which are constructed from profiled aluminum, are available in three different widths and can be configured in lengths up to 10'. MHS custom-designed heating systems offer three-dimensional heating ability and work well with applications that involved additional equipment.

Green Statement

As a responsible corporate citizen, Heraeus purchases green components whenever possible. The company also reuses materials and reduces waste at every opportunity. Heraeus strives to conserve natural resources through paperwork reduction initiatives; attempts to minimize consumption of fossil fuels by increased use of electronic meetings; and uses green cleaning chemicals when possible at its facilities.

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