Fan Maker Opens Facility, Governor Visits to Tout Training Program
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Ohio Governor John Kasich visited Hartzell Air Movement in October at its new fan facility in Piqua, Ohio.

Governor Kasich visit was timed to mark the successful first year of the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program and to kick off the second year of the program. The governor spoke of the importance of the OIWTVP and urged other businesses to get involved. He also met with the leaders of the Hartzell family companies to discuss other small business issues.

Hartzell participated in the voucher program by supplying some of their employees with lean training, SolidWorks training and other computer training. Speaking at the event, Sean Steimle, president of Hartzell Air Movement, said, “In order for a business to remain competitive, their employees need to have the proper training and education.”

Madan Baral, senior project engineer at Hartzell Air Movement, was a beneficiary of the OIWTVP training, and he spoke at the Piqua event as well. “The SolidWorks training that I received has also helped me grow individually and become a more well-rounded professional engineer.”

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