Multi-Hazard Protection Afforded by Flame-Resistant FabricThe inherent, multi-hazard protection built into garments constructed of Nomex MHP can help keep wearers safe from thermal hazards, including heat and flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes in hazardous industrial areas.

“For more than 40 years, people working in the most dangerous jobs have trusted Nomex to offer the best thermal protection on the market. With the introduction of Nomex MHP, DuPont is exceeding the current standards in multi-hazard protection,” says Marc Doyle, president of DuPont Protection Technologies, Richmond, Va.

Nomex MHP was engineered to meet or exceed the international standards for heat and flame protection (NFPA2112, ENISO11612), arc flash (NFPA 70E, IEC 61482-2) and small molten metal splash protection (ENISO11611).