Method for Biodiesel Production via Cavitation Approved“Process for Producing Biodiesel through Lower Molecular Weight Alcohol-Targeted Cavitation,” a patent application by Los Angeles-based Cavitation Technologies Inc., has been approved for patent issuance.

“This newly patented hydrodynamic cavitation technology and process has demonstrated that it can reduce costs and significantly lessen the environmental impact associated with biodiesel production,” says. Roman Gordon, CTi’s chief technology officer. “Working in cooperation with our strategic business partners, Desmet Ballestra and GEA Westfalia, the company will initially target North and South American biodiesel producers for new and retrofit installations.”

According to CTi, compared to conventional methods of biodiesel production, the newly approved process produces quality biodiesel while minimizing the amount of chemicals used, thereby lowering operational costs for producers.

The technology reportedly is based on hydrodynamic cavitation, which is composed of nucleation, fluid vaporization and growth, pulsation, and the collapse of bubbles that occurs in a flowing fluid as a result of a decrease and subsequent increase in its static pressure. Learn more at