Ovens Line Provides Solutions to Aerospace IndustrySPX Thermal Product Solutions helped an aerospace industry company find a solution for a high performance industrial oven to cure the aerospace composite materials it uses to construct large components. The solution: A custom out-of-autoclave curing oven that produces quality materials in a more cost-effective, efficient way.

Typically, the aerospace industry uses typical autoclave processes to cure strong composite materials such as carbon fiber and epoxy resins that are employed to manufacture large component parts. Although effective, this process has high capital and large labor costs. In addition, autoclave technology has high energy consumption, and the pressure vessel size limits the component size that can be cured.

These issues have fueled demand for out-of-autoclave curing technologies. The out-of-autoclave curing ovens eliminate void content to less than one percent, according to SPX, and provide flexibility for curing components of complex contours, shapes and sizes while reducing cycle times. They can cure advanced materials including carbon fiber, ceramics, Kevlar, Nomex, thermoset, thermoplastic resins, epoxies, aramids, glass fibers and nano materials.