The Dow Chemical Company has introduced its next-generation fluid selection and engineering tool to support heat transfer fluid decision makers. FluidFile Software is now available for free on the Dow Heat Transfer Fluids website at

The all new program replaces earlier versions of FluidFile and now provides up-to-date fluids information and more robust property calculation capabilities to deliver immediate property information specific to user requirements. The program includes properties for Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids, Syltherm† silicone fluids, as well as Dowtherm, Dowfrost and Dowcal inhibited glycol-based fluids. Users specify the region where fluids will be used and the program responds by offering calculations for the full range of fluids available locally.

FluidFile calculates properties based on specific system conditions and preferences set by the user, including temperature ranges, pipe or tube diameter, fluid velocity, and units of measure. English (U.S. customary) and SI (international system) units are supported. Users choose specific fluids of interest and may compare properties at a single temperature or across a temperature range. Glycol fluids can also be compared by concentration range. Calculated properties include fluid density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, viscosity, vapor pressure, film coefficient and pressure drop. Freeze points are calculated for glycol-based fluids.

Calculation results are presented in a clear tabular format and may be seamlessly exported to the user’s spreadsheet program. A “Help” function on the calculation screens provides instant access to definitions, formulas and other information from the program glossary. Links to online fluid information as well as technical support are provided in the program for users with internet access. However, the program is also designed to support offline use with fluid overviews and application profiles integrated into the software – particularly important for users working in remote regions where internet access is limited or not available.


The Dow Chemical Company

®™   Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow

 †        Syltherm products are manufactured and the trademark is owned by Dow Corning Corporation