Fostoria Process Equipment Division of TPI Corp. engineers and manufactures custom infrared and convection oven equipment for a variety of industries and unique applications.

Any industrial oven design starts with testing in Fostoria’s fully-equipped test lab, where the process and eventual design is verified to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Many of these applications could be difficult for other companies, due to the uniqueness of the process, but at Fostoria, solutions for these applications have been commonplace for decades.

Here are several examples:

  • Curing Water Based Coating on Extruded Rubber Seals – Extruded rubber seals are used in automotive markets for door, window, trunk and latch seals, which serve to reduce noise and avoid ice build-up. The oven (pictured bottom left) employs short wave T-3 quartz lamps for fast response and higher energy intensity to rapidly cure the coating. The seals move continuously through the oven at speeds from 30 to 80 ft/min.
  • High Power Density Infrared (IR) Oven to Heat a Steel Web, Prior to Bending Corrugated Metal – The oven (pictured above) has a high-intensity T-3 lamp design to heat the metal to 160°F at line speeds of 75 to 225 ft/min.
  • Heat Shrink Plastic/Vinyl Tubing for Brake Lines – Ovens to shrink tubing used on brake, power steering and A/C lines.
  • Aluminum Casting Heat Expansion Systems
  • Storage and Warming Ovens
  • Seat Oven Systems
  • Hybrid Convection and Infrared Systems

Fostoria Process Equipment
Division of TPI Corp.

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