IHEA’s Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) will present a no-cost educational webinar on Tuesday, March 25, at 2 p.m. EDT. “The Ins and Outs of IR: Efficient Curing with Infrared” will focus on infrared curing for industrial finishing applications.IHEA_IN

The webinar will review the basics of infrared, including what it is, how it is produced and its characteristics. It will highlight the benefits of using infrared technologies and review all equipment sources of infrared. The webinar, offered in partnership with Products Finishing magazine, also will include a discussion of infrared applications for industrial finishing, showcasing the many ways in which infrared can be utilized to provide efficient curing.

This non-commercial webinar will look at electric and gas infrared applications and help end users understand infrared essentials. The session will cover ways to heat products faster and increase production line speed as well as provide an analysis of relevant case studies using the technology.

Representatives from IHEA’s IRED Division will present the webinar and be on hand to field questions from participants. Webinar speakers will include:

  • Tim O’Neal, global infrared burner product manager at Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC. O’Neal, who has several years of experience with infrared burners, will deliver his expertise on the infrared applications used in industrial finishing.
  • Wayne Pettyjohn, senior engineer at Georgia Power. Pettyjohn is a seasoned presenter for the infrared seminar and receives excellent evaluations and feedback regarding his presentation on the theories and basics of infrared.
  • John Podach, application sales manager at Fostoria Process Equipment, a division of TPI Corp. Podach is a member of the IHEA board of directors and the chair of IHEA’s Infrared Division. He is a veteran speaker for the infrared seminar and provides valuable knowledge on the applications, equipment and controls using infrared.

This seminar is being offered online and free of charge. A previous attendee of the classroom seminar commented, “This was a great seminar with excellent material. It is very useful information for my job. The applications are real-world examples and very valuable.”

Tune in to “The Ins and Outs of IR: Efficient Curing with Infrared,” to find out how infrared technology can improve your finishing applications. You’ll be able to ask questions of the experts and hear their answers live.

This webinar is sponsored by Fostoria Process Equipment, a division of TPI Corp. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, details can be found on IHEA’s website. Visit www.ihea.org and click on the infrared webinar banner or contact Todd Luciano at 513-527-8800 or tluciano@pfonline.com. Registration is open. You can register at IHEA’s website or call 859-356-1575 for more details.