The Industrial Heating Equipment Association’s mission is to provide services to member companies that will enhance their capabilities to serve end users and improve their business performance. IHEA is offering several educational opportunities in 2014 to help the association achieve its declared mission.

Infrared Hands-On Seminar

IHEA’s Infrared Equipment Division, commonly known as IRED, will hold its popular infrared seminar at Georgia Power’s newly renovated customer resource center in Atlanta on April 29. The interactive seminar allows attendees to get hands-on experience in a laboratory setting in addition to traditional classroom instruction. The one-day event will highlight the benefits of using infrared technologies and review all equipment sources of infrared, followed by a discussion of a variety of infrared applications for the industrial heat-processing industry. Attendees will learn about various infrared equipment and controls as well as the efficiencies achieved through different infrared applications.

Infrared industry, utility and energy experts will be on hand to discuss the various possibilities of energy savings at your facility. Registration includes classroom training and hands-on demonstrations in the laboratory. Each attendee will receive a copy of Infrared Process Heating Handbook for Industrial Applications, a manual published by IRED.

Safety Standards Seminar

Explosions and fires in industrial heating systems can result in injury, loss of life, loss of property and loss of production. Understanding the required use of the American national standards governing the compliant design and operation of ovens and furnaces is essential for everyone involved with this type of equipment.

This two-day seminar — held May 13-14 at the Hilton Garden Inn O’Hare in Rosemont, Ill., a Chicago suburb near the airport — is designed for individuals involved in the design, manufacture, service and operation of ovens, dryers, thermal oxidizers, furnaces and kilns for a range of industrial applications. Its ultimate goal is to help the attendee become better acquainted with NFPA 86, the Standard for Ovens and Furnaces.

The seminar provides a comprehensive review of the 2011 edition of NFPA 86, including updated requirements for:

  • Class A, B and C furnaces.
  • PLC-based burner management systems.
  • Pulse-fired systems.
  • Multiple burner systems.
  • Safety shutoff valves.
  • Purge and restart.
  • Calculation methods for lower flammable limit (LFL).
  • Gas line evacuation and charging.

Additional topics will include loss prevention, product liability and insurer perspectives. Seminar speakers have a firsthand working knowledge in the development of the NFPA 86 standard. Registrants will have an opportunity to speak directly with members of the technical committee that works on NFPA 86.

Industrial Process Heating Bookstore

IHEA continues to “provide the knowledge base for the process heating industry worldwide” by offering resources for process heating professionals. The association has partnered with publisher Vulkan Verlag to supply reference guides. Books include:

  • Dictionary of Refractories and Refractory Engineering.
  • Handbook of Burner Technology for Industrial Furnaces.
  • Handbook of Refractory Materials.
  • Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies.
  • Inductive Melting and Holding.
  • Infrared Process Heating Handbook for Industrial Applications (second edition).
  • Pocket Manual of Heat Processing.
  • Refractory Engineering.

IHEA brought in these titles to help people in various sectors of the industry access the current information and learn about new technologies. The IHEA Bookstore also offers the Process Heating Technology Manual (first edition) and the Infrared Process Heating Handbook (second edition). 

Visit for more information on these educational seminars and resources. To view book pricing and descriptions or to order, go to the Publications tab, then scroll down and click on “Books.”

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Have a Question about NFPA 86?

The National Fire Protection Association provides free access to its codes and standards online at Although, NFPA owns the copyrights, the organization is committed to serving the public?s increasing interest in technical information with free online access. To download or print a standard, including NFPA 86, users will need to pay a fee.