There is no hiding what CEC Combustion Safety specializes in. When “safety” is part of a company’s name, it is rather obvious.

And that is particularly true for CEC Combustion Safety, an industry leader in the subject matter since its inception in 1984. This Cleveland, Ohio-based company provides expert consulting, training and engineering services for all types of fuel-fired equipment.

CEC’s first clients were from the automotive industry, so it started with corporate programs that tested and inspected fuel-fired equipment to investigate combustion incidents with the goal of preventing future accidents and saving lives. As CEC’s industry involvement expanded into the steel and food and beverage industries, its service offerings evolved to incorporate training, gas hazards management and field services. Today, this IHEA member works with a variety of industrial clients to ensure the safety of personnel within their work environment while increasing the efficiency and reliability of fuel-fired equipment.

CEC Offers a Range of Services
Testing and Inspections. CEC provides a comprehensive and disciplined third-party combustion system equipment inspection and testing program. Each year CEC auditors inspect more than 1,000 fuel trains in more than 20 countries. Its inspectors will evaluate your combustion systems and equipment and provide you with a comprehensive analysis and recommendations to improve the safety of your facility.
Customized Training. Human error has long been known to be the leading cause of industrial and combustion-related accidents. The risks of explosions, fires, business interruptions and even loss of life can be minimized if personnel are taught the basics of boiler and fuel-fired equipment safety. CEC addresses this need by providing comprehensive combustion safety training services. The company’s trainers have educated managers, operators, skilled trades and risk/insurance personnel all around the world. Courses can be customized to include demonstration equipment, simulators, learning labs and equipment-specific presentations.
Upgrade and Engineering Services. CEC has a broad range of expertise in regard to fuel-fired equipment. Its multi-disciplined team of engineers has resolved almost every type of combustion or facility issue you may encounter. One of the key advantages of working with CEC is its ability to integrate the best technologies from several manufacturers for the client’s ultimate benefit. 
Gas Hazards Management. CEC has services to minimize risks related to industrial and utility customers flammable-gas piping systems and facilities. It focuses on six specific areas of practice:
Pipeline commissioning, including cleaning, pressure testing and purging into/out of service.
New piping system design review for serviceability and NFPA 54/56 compliance.
Personnel training for safe gas handling and work practices.
Compliance programs for NFPA 54/56.
Corrosion control services.
Facility audits for design, condition and work practices.
Field Services. CEC manages the only Eclipse factory-trained combustion service technicians in North America, with services available 24/7 for emergency assistance. Its Global Service Team includes more than 75 factory-trained technicians, engineers and support staff.
CEC also provides detailed reports of testing and inspection results based on national standards, codes and industry best practices. These results are prioritized and presented to clients. Reports include: 
Corporate standards.
Safety/risk ranking of all findings.
Auditor support notes.
Code justification/recommendations.
Budgetary compliance costs.
CEC’s proven track record and process allows for consistent testing and reporting across equipment types for both domestic and international customers. The company’s industry-exclusive online reporting tool helps those clients track the status of known issues across multiple plants, cities, states and, in some cases, countries.
As for the future, CEC is planning for more global involvement with additional service and product offerings as its partnership with Eclipse, which acquired CEC in 2011, continues to flourish. The company also hopes for stronger involvement with insurance industries, particularly from a training perspective.
For more information on CEC Combustion Safety, visit, email or call 888-826-3473.
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