Brewing Company Adds Two On-Demand Steam Boilers
Two LX-100s from Miura are used at Two Roads Brewing to provide steam wherever needed throughout the brewery.

Two Roads Brewing Co. joined the list of craft brewers that have chosen boilers made by Miura. The Two Roads Brewing facility, located in Stratford, Conn., uses two gas-fired LX-100 steam boilers to produce on-demand steam for heating hot water during the brewing and cleaning process as well as for boiling and mashing. The steam also is used for heating detergents for the kegging machine and for filtering steam to sterilize the inside of the beer kegs.

Boilers from Atlanta-based Miura have a once-through design that heats a smaller volume of water. Combined with built-in microprocessor-control technology, the boilers require less fuel and save an average of 20 percent annually on energy costs, according to the company. The design also allows the boilers to generate full steam from a cold start in five minutes or less, which allows the brewery to manage changing load conditions rather than consuming energy to keep a boiler idling in standby mode until steam is needed.

Brewmaster Phil Markowski commented that the Miura boilers work well for Two Roads Brewing because they mostly use low pressure steam (15 psi) and “don’t have to continuously keep a large volume of water hot or wait for the boilers to produce adequate steam pressure before we can start.”