Oven Industries Expands Contract Manufacturing Capabilities for PCBsOven Industries in Mechanicsburg, Pa., expanded its contract manufacturing capabilities for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly by adding automatic optical inspection equipment that can detect solder and lead defects, as well as a deionizer board cleaner. The combination of equipment complements its existing surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole PCB component assembly machines.

As an ISO aerospace certified electronic contract manufacturing company, Oven Industries says it continues to see steady growth in PC board assembly in conjunction with its complete “box-build” assembly processes. "AOI is robotic inspection equipment, providing our production with an accurate way of making sure all the components are present and properly placed," said the company president, who added, "The deionizer cleaning helps in the removal of unwanted residue. We fully appreciate that the PCB assembly is what makes any electronic product function and we won’t rest in our continuous improvement efforts.”

The company also manufactures analog and digital temperature controllers and sensors. Learn more at ovenind.com.