FMC Technologies Inc. has broken ground on a new campus at Generation Park, located on the northeast corner of the Sam Houston Tollway in Houston. Within the next 10 years, the company's goal is to consolidate all of its 10 Houston facilities, including its corporate headquarters, to a single campus.

The company is building its campus on 173 acres purchased from McCord Development in late 2012. FMC Technologies plans a campus that fosters a collaborative work environment and promotes a healthy work/life balance. It includes social and interactive spaces, health and fitness facilities, and other employee amenities.

Within the next two years, the company will move approximately 1,800 of its 3,700 Houston employees to the campus. During this first phase, FMC Technologies will consolidate its western region subsea services operations into a single, 70-acre campus. With more than a million square feet of office and workshop space, this expansion will more than double the region's existing subsea services capacity. The company's subsea services employees will begin moving to the campus in early 2016. The timing of additional phases will be driven by the overall business environment and specific operating requirements.