Custom elevated drum D-Type boilers are built in modules, which are shop-assembled, hydro-tested, insulated and lagged at the factory. They then are shipped as packaged units from Cleaver-Brooks manufacturing facility, which the company says can help save customers time and money in the field compared to traditional field-erected boilers.

Designed for large steam capacities from 200,000 to 500,000 lb/hr and high pressure of up to 1,500 psig, Cleaver-Brooks engineered the boilers to deliver integrated, custom boiler solutions more quickly and cost effectively. To date, the company has sold 24 of these boilers for a total steam capacity of more than 8 million lb/hr.

Once the boiler modules are delivered, limited field work is required, says the company. It includes setting the steam drum on saddles; pipe welding the prefabricated downcomers and risers; and mounting the burner using preinstalled mounting plates. The boilers are offered for steam capacities up to 600,000 lb/hr at high pressure or temperature.