Established in 1980, BGK Finishing Systems designs and manufactures infrared curing solutions. These -precision-engineered products and technologies offer curing capabilities for a full range of coatings, including liquid, powder, wax, ultraviolet (UV) and adhesives. These solutions can be found around the world in a variety of settings, including coil, powder, liquid, glass and combination dry-off applications.

BGK’s products offer reduced energy consumption and floor space and increased productivity and quality to a range of curing and material-handling needs. The Minneapolis-based company provides turnkey system capabilities, process verification, installation startup and training. Its product range is vast — from long-wave to short-wave infrared technology; from gas convection ovens to a full line of controls; from chain-on-edge systems to conveyors. Basically, BGK can supply the full line of equipment a customer would need to move a product through the production facility as well as a full line of curing technology.

Its infrared “Smart Oven” is designed to test coatings and processes in a customer’s own facility. BGK created this particular oven to provide valuable data to aid in the process development and support of infrared curing customers. It can provide an accurate and repeatable testing environment. For purposes of flexibility, the top and bottom infrared heaters are zoned independently. This is useful when BGK needs to duplicate a customer’s oven that may have top heat only. When testing for optimal cure speeds, both the top and bottom infrared heaters can be turned on.

Products aside, what this IHEA member really prides itself on is its testing and laboratory facilities and customer-service technicians. BGK’s laboratory is equipped to demonstrate various systems using infrared, ultraviolet or convection curing ovens. It has a variety of material-handling equipment and graphical reporting capabilities. Expert assessments are included in every test to ensure quality. BGK can simulate a process by testing a customer’s parts and coatings in the laboratory. This combination gives BGK the understanding of the customer’s environment. Then, the company can focus on what the customer wants to achieve and how to achieve that goal. It is this expertise, coupled with the BGK’s attention to detail, that keeps customers in markets including appliance, automotive, glass, lawn and garden, heavy equipment and wood returning year after year.

Since its inception almost 35 years ago, BGK has established itself as a world-class, premier turnkey solutions provider. The company is now just one premier brand in the Finishing Brands family, a global provider of automated finishing. The story of advancement in application technology is the story of the Finishing Group of brands: Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg and BGK.

Finishing Brands is an integrated provider of total paint system solutions. Binks and DeVilbiss manufacture a range of equipment, including spray guns, material-handling pumps and pressure tanks, as well as accessories for the industrial finishing and automotive refinishing markets. Ransburg designs and manufactures application equipment for liquid electrostatic painting.

Collectively, the four brands share a common heritage of performance excellence and dependability. Everything is designed and manufactured to provide customers with system compatibility and overall long-term value.

For more information on BGK Finishing Systems, visit or call 763-784-0466.

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