Dürr is building a resource-saving paint shop for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. in Dadong, China.

One of the features of the new shop is the fully automated integrated paint process that eliminates need for a primer or a drying phase. The spray booths are equipped with Dürr's EcoDryScrubber, a technology that binds the overspray without water and chemicals. Using large-scale air recirculation, energy savings of up to 60 percent are possible, according to the company.

The shop will use heat wheels to recover heat from the supply and exhaust air. The waste heat from the ovens also is recovered via waste heat boilers. The exhaust airflow from the clearcoat booth is purified before exiting the system. Membrane technology in pretreatment, electrocoating and a wastewater treatment plant help to reduce the water consumption and thus the volume of wastewater.

The specific energy consumption that BMW will be able to realize at the Dadong site is notable: Per painted car body, less than 500 KWh of energy will be used. This is a third of what used to be the standard only 10 years ago.

The Eco+Paintshop in Dadong is the third major painting project for BMW Brilliance in China. Previously, Dürr implemented a sustainable paint shop in the Shenyang factory and its expansion stage for the joint venture.