Click here to Compare Temperature Sensors Makers Using Our Onine Matrix

Published in print and online hereProcess Heating’s Equipment Overview on Temperature Sensors offers a side-by-side comparison of manufacturers of temperature sensors for industrial applications. You can use the chart to find manufacturers that offer the temperature sensors you want, whether that is thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermal imaging equipment, temperature transmitters or  thermometers. Selected manufacturers are listed in print.

The online version includes advanced searching capabilities to make it even easier to find suppliers. Select a sensor category heading from the column on the left and expand the choices below. Checking or unchecking specific characteristics will widen or narrow your search results. Hyperlinks will take you directly to manufacturers’ websites. If you would like to contact a manufacturer listed in our Equipment Overview, click on the company name and the contact information shows in the lower right-hand corner.


Manufacturers listed in this Equipment Overview responded to a special mailing by Process Heating and do not necessarily represent the entire industrial temperature sensor market. To be included in future listings, contact Corrine Mach or e-mail