There are a lot of firsts in Fireye’s history.

Back in the 1930s, the company was the first to offer industrial/commercial electronic flame-safeguard controls, a photoelectric device designed to detect the presence of an oil flame in less than a second. Fireye also claims to be the first company to develop infrared scanners to monitor both gas and oil flames; the first to develop a scanner that discriminated between signals from adjacent burners; and the first to create a completely solid-state programming control.

The company has also set new standards with a microprocessor-based, automatic diagnostics program that communicates in five different languages.

Today, Fireye is a manufacturer of flame-safeguard controls and burner management systems for industrial and commercial applications. Its products can be found in power plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical facilities and food processing plants as well as a variety of public buildings and commercial properties. Derry, N.H.-based Fireye is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

ISO 9001-certified since 1996, Fireye maintains 20 offices worldwide with approximately 130 employees. This means that seasoned professionals in the flame safeguard and combustion control industry are available worldwide, providing quick, responsive service to customers.

The company’s modern manufacturing centers design, fabricate and assemble products. Fireye’s engineering staff continuously evaluates and tests ideas at its laboratories and research facilities. The staff also looks for ways to improve current products and develop new entries into related aspects of combustion control and management. Fireye is a UL-approved testing facility (temperature, humidity, electric static discharge, etc.) and is required to comply with UL372 for primary safety controls.

Flame safeguards — detecting friendly flames using ultraviolet tubes and solid-state devices and infrared solid-state detectors — are clearly Fireye’s specialty. But, the company also offers high technology flame scanners that employ techniques to discriminate among many flames in a multi-burner environment. These scanners allow for precise tuning to one particular target flame while ignoring the effect of adjacent flames or background radiation.

Features of its Model 95 Series include:

  • Complex flame-analysis methods such as selectivity of spectral response in the ultraviolet or infrared region, or both.
  • Adjustable sensitivity to flame-signal strength to determine a flame-on vs. flame-off condition.
  • Flicker frequency selection to discriminate from flame to flame.

The Paragon flame scanner can optically detect maximum flame temperature in addition to flame detection.

The company has been busy recently. Just last year, the longtime IHEA member started offering an efficiency control for hot water boilers that realizes approximately 10 to 20 percent energy savings. It monitors the temperature and rate of decay on the supply and return water lines and utilizes a corrective, adaptive control algorithm to determine if the call for heat is real or just a response to standing energy losses. Simple to install, NXM2G offers a typical return on investment between one and two years.

Fireye utilizes an ACE business operating system — a set of 12 tools — to continuously improve its processes with the goal of improved quality and customer satisfaction. The ACE tools guide the team to determine the root cause of issues and enable mistake-proofed solutions.

This company of firsts constantly invests in its manufacturing capability to ensure the company keeps pace with new technologies and global competition. As proof, Fireye will launch a new version of its PPC4000 parallel positioning control this year. The improved model will incorporate the flame-safeguard control functionality. Fireye also plans to develop and evolve its next generation of discriminating flame scanners, explore the application of solid-state ultraviolet detectors and expand on its offering of energy-efficiency products. *

For more information on Fireye Inc., visit or call 603-432-4100.

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