Bloom Engineering can honestly call itself a “specialist.” After all, the Pittsburgh-based company has been supplying industrial burners and combustion equipment since 1934.

Bloom prides itself on having in-depth knowledge of the various heating applications in which its equipment is used. The company’s customizable product line, extensive installation list, R&D capability and onsite field-service experience allows it the ability to provide the best possible solution for each unique situation.

A truly global business, Bloom has companies and associates (nearly 250 employees) in all of the major industrial centers of the world. This IHEA member offers products for high temperature heating processes requiring optimal operating efficiency and low NOX, and it has strong roots in the steel and aluminum industries.

Industrial Burners and Combustion Equipment

Bloom has developed a reputation for quality industrial burners and combustion systems. Its products can be used for a variety of applications and can be operated with a wide array of fuels and capacity ranges. The industrial burners operate with low to ultra-low NOX emissions.

Combustion Controls

Bloom’s Control Engineering Group provides complete combustion control solutions from concept through design and build, commissioning, training and follow-up support. A wide variety of standard and custom-designed combustion control systems can be furnished to suit customer requirements.

A combustion control system requires detailed application knowledge of the furnace operation and interaction with the burner system. With today’s demands for high efficiency, low emissions and maximum productivity, a well-engineered control system can pay for itself many times over.

Research and Development

Bloom’s research and development strategy is one of continual product improvement. It recognizes the critical importance of maintaining a leading-edge product line in response to the market demands for reliable, fuel-efficient low-emission combustion and control equipment. Before a product idea is taken to market, it is first proven in the laboratory. Furthermore, time is taken to analyze whether a new idea will be practical in the plant environment. These guiding principles have allowed Bloom to maintain a leadership role in the markets it serves.

New research and development product innovations include the 1650 ultra-low NOX regenerative Cyclops burner, in which NOX emissions are reduced by nearly half as compared to leading regenerative burner technologies. The 1130 regenerative BFG BlastoFlame burner has also been newly developed specifically for use with 100 percent BFG (blast furnace gas). To combat low flame temperature and combustion efficiency using BFG, fuel is preheated using an integral regenerator.

Combustion and Industrial Services

Bloom also provides a complete suite of combustion and industrial burner services to help any organization. The company’s combustion tuning services utilizes qualified service technicians to adjust combustion systems for optimum performance, maximum efficiency and lowest emissions.

Bloom also offers regional combustion training seminars, where speakers with a combined 100 years of engineering experience present on topics ranging from the fundamentals of combustion and combustion control strategies to industry-specific practices. In addition, the company provides combustion schools, operational consulting, outage management and energy audits.


 Bloom Engineering demands that burner innovations reach the market with uncompromised thermal performance and the ability to use a wide range of fuels, including oil. The company continues to strengthen its reputation for low carbon monoxide and NOX emission leadership with each new product offering.