Honeywell is an industry-leading company with a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. It operates in almost every country with approximately 130,000 employees worldwide. Honeywell invests heavily in emerging technologies that address some of the world’s toughest challenges in process control, fuel efficiency, emissions compliance and safety.

In late 2007, Honeywell made significant inroads into the industrial process heating industry with the acquisition of Maxon Corp. Maxon technologies are utilized worldwide by almost every manufacturing industry, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, automotive, textile, building materials, metals, glass and ceramics, foods and agriculture.

Maxon, which got its start in 1916 in Muncie, Ind., manufactures a variety of industrial burners, valves, control systems and related equipment to the worldwide heating market. The company’s initial product was the then-revolutionary gas and air mixing Premix burner, followed by control valves and safety shut-off valves. Later, new developments such as WideRange high-temperature burner proved invaluable to wartime industries and later to automobile manufacturers.

The ensuing decades saw the introduction of numerous new products and innovations, including the versatile AirFlo burner series, which is particularly useful to the textile, building materials, appliance and other industries for drying, curing and makeup air applications. Maxon was quick to respond with new offerings to address the rising fuel prices and environmental concerns of the 1970s.

Further expansion into world markets brought new manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Europe and later in Asia.

Maxon entered the 21st century with its Smart line of advanced, digital flow control products (SmartFire, SmartLink CV, MRV, DS and SmartMeter), which are all designed to minimize emissions, maximize efficiency and provide ease of burner operation through precise, repeatable control. The latest introduction, SmartLink DS intelligent control actuator series, is a heavy-duty, quarter-turn actuator that offers flexibility for the broadest range of industrial and commercial process control applications. With thousands of possible configurations, SmartLink DS is versatile and easy to install, making it a suitable replacement for other makes of actuators.

Maxon’s rugged and renowned safety shut-off valves — electromechanical or pneumatic — offer numerous trim options, sizes, fittings, materials, pressure ratings and worldwide agency approvals. The company’s line of direct and indirect-fired burners have an extended installed base in heating applications worldwide. High temperature, low temperature, nozzle-mixing, line/duct, radiant tube, infrared and oxy burners are designed and built for long life, low emissions and maximum performance. Notable among them are Kinedizer LE, NP-LE AirFlo, Ovenpak LE, Valupak, APX, XPO, Rad Max and the extensive Oxy-Therm family of burners.

As part of Honeywell’s Commercial and Industrial Combustion (C&IC) business, Maxon’s products and technologies help industrial customers efficiently apply heat to their manufacturing processes while ensuring minimal environmental impact and the best possible safety considerations. C&IC has manufacturing facilities on three continents and sales locations around the world, serving a diverse customer base that includes original equipment manufacturers, industrial end users, engineering procurement companies, contractors, consulting engineers and distributors.

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