Five 650-hp mobile boiler rooms are headed to a federal government facility to replace its existing coal-fired steam plant. The facility required major retrofitting for Boiler MACT compliance.

Nationwide Boiler Inc. partnered with its local representative to develop the high pressure, ultra-low-NOX boilers for the facility. System specifications included modular, self-contained boiler rooms; industry-standard control systems; dual-fuel firing capabilities with ultra-low-NOX emissions; Boiler MACT compliance; and the need to adhere to stringent government quality standards. In addition, speed of delivery, installation and startup were critical factors.

Nationwide developed a control and installation strategy to allow all five boilers to operate at full capacity as a single cohesive steam plant. A comprehensive predelivery testing procedure will be performed at Nationwide Boiler’s headquarters in Fremont, Calif., prior to delivery to demonstrate operational performance.

The project is on schedule, and the five mobile boiler rooms are expected to be delivered and placed online by the middle of 2015.