Food Hygiene, Heat Transfer Delivered by Tubular Exchanger DesignA product-to-product tubular unit provides food hygiene and heat-transfer efficiency for the dairy and beverage industries.

Developed by Charlotte-based SPX’s APV brand, the exchanger, dubbed the P2P THE, is manufactured in such a way that all crevices from the secondary sides of the tubes are eliminated, according to the company. The design ensures food hygiene because bacteria cannot hide during cleaning and sterilization cycles. This feature, combined with a uniform turbulent flow pattern, creates an easily cleanable tube heat exchanger, says SPX. The design ensures product sterility and reduces food safety risks compared with traditional product-to-product heat exchanger technology.

The unit also uses a combination of a tangential inlet/outlet and a coil wound around the tube bundle to generate a helix-spiral product-flow pattern in between the inner tubes and the outer shell. This, combined with the direct P2P principle, increases the heat transfer, says SPX.

The company produced a video to explain the functions.