Two cleaning fluids that can be used to remove sludge, carbon and fouling from piping and tubing of thermal fluid systems will be manufactured and sold under the Xceltherm brand. Radco Industries, Batavia, Ill., a manufacturer of heat transfer fluids for process heating and specialty lubricants for the military sector, developed the cleaning fluids.

A one-step, nonhazardous, nontoxic cleaning agent for systems with fouling and other fluid degradation issues, Xceltherm CLX restores heat transfer and removes degraded material without the need to stop production, says the company. In addition, Xceltherm TLX serves as an extra strength cleaning agent for systems requiring quick removal of heavily degraded fluid that has caused excessive carbon and sludge. The low temperature cleaning process leaves the system with a bare metal finish on internal piping in only one day, according to Radco.