Lindberg/MPH has refurbished an electric immersion aluminum holding furnace used in the automotive parts industry to die cast parts. Restored to optimal performance after years of use, the electric immersion furnace also has increased aluminum holding capacity. The furnace is used to maintain aluminum at the required temperature prior to die casting.

The refurbishment of the industrial furnace included adding a fill well and hinged insulating fill-well cover with remote open and close operation. The existing steel shell was modified to accept a side-mounted fill well, and the existing refractory lining was replaced. A cast fill well was added to the furnace shell using a castable virtually inert to aluminum oxide formation. The new hinged fill well cover installed utilized smooth air-over-oil operation. This holding furnace utilizes Lindberg/MPH patented board lining and high efficiency immersion tubes/heaters.

Aftermarket services and maintenance are critical in minimizing downtime, maximizing production and extending the life of equipment.