A hybrid vacuum ejector system manufactured by GEA was delivered to Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. for the crude distillation unit at its Mumbai (India) refinery. GEA says it is the first time this technology has been used on a major refinery in India.

The hybrid vacuum ejector system is fitted with steam-jet vacuum pumps and liquid-ring vacuum pumps that together provide energy-efficient, vacuum ejector technology. The combination of the two pump types at a well-defined interstage pressure reduces the consumption of the motive medium, power and cooling water. This is achieved by fitting condensers between the jet vacuum pumps to reduce the flow of drawn-off vapors and the motive medium before they reach the liquid ring pump.

GEA jet vacuum pumps are able to convey large quantities of gas, says the company, as well as operate smoothly and need little maintenance.

The condensers comply with ASME (Sec. VIII, Div. I), TEMA-R and ASME-U Stamp.  The weight of each condenser unit is 143,300 lb (65,000 kg).